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Throughout his career, we've seen Tom Cruise take on secret espionage rings, world-endings threats, and invading aliens. Now, he's about to embark on one of his most ambitious adventures yet in this year's The Mummy. In the film, he plays Nick Morton, a man who finds and subsequently faces an ancient princess from hello who's been imprisoned for thousands of years.

Curiously, an event has surfaced that's allowed to put his newly acquired knowledge on ancient mystical creatures to good use. The Associated Press reported that an Egyptian archeological mission has discovered a necropolis (Greek for "city of the dead," referring to a burial site) in the village of Tun al-Gabal, an archeological site in the western desert.

At least 17 mummies were found in the burial site. Antiquities minister Khaled al-Anani revealed it was the first necropolis to be found in the village. This was a fascinating and exciting discovery, which was made a whole lot more awesome by the fact that...

Tom Cruise Responded In The Most Awesome Way Possible

Following the announcement, the action star took to Twitter to jokingly warn the people in charge of inspecting the mummies to be careful when opening them:

You may be thinking, "Mummies have never posed a real threat before, what is he worried about?" Here's the thing, the mummies were preserved with extreme care, meaning they most likely belong to officials and priests.

In , the world-wrecking mummy — played — is an Egyptian princess who was accidentally released. I don't know about you, but it seems to be that Cruise is justifiably concerned by the similarities in both situations. Keep in mind though, there's not much to worry about right now, as minister al-Anani revealed the work around the discovery is still in its preliminary stages.

Jokes aside, this was a very clever, funny and refreshing ploy on Cruise's part to promote the film, after so many action-packed trailers. It's worth noting it was also a surprising move by the actor, as he isn't known to joke on social media.

If you can't wait to see Tom Cruise take on an ancient Egyptian princess hellbent on revenge for what was taken away from her, don't forget to see The Mummy once it hits theaters on June 9, 2017.

What did you think of Tom Cruise's joke? What do you think about the impressive Necropolis discovery? Let me know in the comments!

(Source: Associated Press)


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