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Lately, has been feeling the need... the need for speed (I went there. I did.), with the actor apparently still being completely down for doing Top Gun 2, the sequel that he and original Top Gun director, , were pushing to get finished last summer at the time of Scott's tragic suicide. Now, Cruise is more determined than ever to get the sequel off the ground, considering it "a priority", not only to honor Scott's legacy, but also because everywhere he goes, people all over the world still recognize him as Maverick. And if there's one thing Tom Cruise knows how to do, it's how to promote the Tom Cruise brand, even if that means being whatever people want him to be, even if what they want him to be is a character that was created almost 30 years ago.

Producer confirmed as much at today's Produced By conference in Los Angeles, assuring fans that yes, Top Gun 2 is still happening:

For 30 years we’ve been trying to make a sequel and we’re not going to stop. We still want to do it with Tom [Cruise] and Paramount are still interested in making it. As long as he keeps his enthusiasm, hopefully we can get it made.

And, hey, they even have a storyline and rough script knocked out already, with the sequel following Pete "Maverick" Mitchell, now a flight instructor, whose old school way of doing things clashes with the modern developments in air defense and warfare, including his struggles with the emergence of unmanned drones. $20 says it includes at least one flashback cameo with as Goose from a Maverick who will never forget his partner's death.

At the moment, Cruise's next project is to slip back into super-spy mode as Ethan Hunt with Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation, so it looks like he won't be climbing back into the cockpit immediately. But, say what you will about Cruise drinking the Xenu crazy juice, the man carries a lot of weight in Hollywood, so with him determined to make the Top Gun 2 sequel happen, along with the backing of heavyweight Bruckheimer, expect to see this getting off the ground sooner rather than later.


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