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Every Harry Potter fan knows who Tom Felton is. As Draco Malfoy, he was the thorn in the side of The Boy Who Lived. Deliciously cunning, he swore allegiance to the darkest of characters, Voldemort. That was his first major role as a less than friendly character. He followed that role with one in the 2011 film, Rise of the Planet of the Apes, as yet another character of questionable moral fiber.

Felton took an even darker turn when he undertook the character of Erich Blunt in TNT's Murder in the First. Playing a deliciously evil murderer, Felton took his ability to play the bad guy to the next level. With no redeeming qualities, Erich Blunt ruled his world with billions of dollars and a cool, sociopathic exterior. The video below says more than I ever could about this character. Watching this episode gave me chills.

As Julian Albert on The Flash, Tom Felton is once again playing an unpleasant character, and some fans are wondering if the man who's clearly a bane to Barry Allen's life is going to transform into another version of Draco Malfoy, someone eager enough to get his own way that he'll stop at nothing.

After Julian and Barry shared a moment on last week's episode of The Flash, other fans are now speculating that Julian could become the scientific mind Team Flash needs now that the real Harrison Wells is gone and the fake one has no scientific background. This change would certainly break the mold that Tom Felton has been wearing for quite some time.

But will the world buy Tom Felton as a "good guy"? Has the die been cast to the point where he can only be seen as evil? It seems so since further speculation comes from viewers considering Julian as the number one contender for Dr. Alchemy. And the writer makes a compelling argument. Still, one has to wonder if Tom Felton himself wouldn't be tired of playing villainous roles.

Perhaps The Flash is his opportunity to play a redeemable character, if only for one season. Whatever lies ahead, we know if Julian Albert turns out to be the big bad of the season, he's certainly proven he's up for the task.

Can you see Tom Felton as a good guy?


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