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Tom Hanks has starred in Oscar-winning films, comedies, cult-classics, and blockbusters, and he is one of the most beloved actors working today. In recent years, Hanks has embraced his enormous fan base on Twitter by taking time out of his busy schedule to post delightful tweets and checking in on those that adore him.

When he's not announcing his run for Vice President of the United States on SNL, Hanks has been known to wander the streets of the cities he visits, and tweet comical pictures to his 13.1 million Twitter followers. Recently, tweeted a picture of a windowless building in New York City, and the internet exploded with conspiracy theories and speculation.

Tom Hanks Discovers The Creepiest Building in New York

Hanks tweeted a picture of a windowless, tower-like building located on 33 Thomas Street in lower Manhattan, with the caption: "This is the scariest building I've ever seen! WTF goes on inside?? Hanx". The building is off-putting to say the least, and looks like something from a dark science fiction film.

Thanks to some sleuthing from savvy internet folk, we learned that the building is owned by AT&T and supposedly utilized by the NSA (although we don't know for sure). The building's lack of windows is a structural design, making it the only skyscraper in New York City that could withstand a nuclear blast.

Although we know who owns the building and why it has no windows, we still don’t know what really goes on inside the building. Twitter quickly began speculating, and the theories range from hilarious to frightening.

Twitter Speculates On What The Creepy Building is Used For

The Twitter conspiracies were flying left and right, and most people agreed that some sketchy shit must go down in the windowless tower. The responses included everything from the building being the Men in Black headquarters to a demonic layer for the evil lord Zuul:

Most Twitter users claimed that the NSA/CIA use the building for surveillance, while others thought of more entertaining and creative activities that could take place in the monolith:

We may never know what really takes place in the building, and whatever story that is concocted to explain it might not be the truth, according to several Twitter users. Conspiracies aside, I think we can all find solace in the fact that while the world is going crazy, Tom Hanks is aimlessly wandering the streets of New York City, pondering architecture.

Sound off! What do you think takes place in the ominous building? Let your voice be heard in the comments section below.


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