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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

is set to play real life hero Captain Phillips in his new thriller. The piratical epic based on the real life events of Captain Richard Phillips' book, A Captain's Duty: Somali Pirates, Navy SEALs, and Dangerous Days at Sea.

Captain Phillips, which also features and , tells the true story of the 2009 Somali pirate attack on the US cargo ship, MV Maersk Alabama, the first hijacking of this kind for two centuries.

The Bourne Ultimatum helmer directs the epic Captain Phillips, which makes Pirates of the Caribbean look like Jake and the Never Land Pirates. Watch the trailer below.

Is Tom Hanks' pirate epic gonna shiver your timbers, or will it just be lost at sea? First Castaway, now kidnap by Somali pirates? Just when Hanks thought it was safe to go back in the water...Captain Phillips will launch October 11, 2013.



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