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Alisha Grauso

In a dream team bit of casting news, The Hollywood Reporter brings us word that (The Dark Knight Rises) and (Prometheus) are in talks to be the protagonists of Ridley Scott's next project, Child 44.

Based on a novel, Child 44 is a Soviet-era thriller to be starring a British actor and Swedish actress, so let's hope the Russian accents won't be as terrible as I am already envisioning (i.e. cringing over).

The story is a tight, fast-paced one, set in the 1950s and following a member of the Soviet Police (Hardy) as he investigates a string of child murders, only to find himself as the prime suspect of his own government. Rapace will play his wife, who is loving on the surface but hides a world of secrets beneath.

In any case, Hardy and Rapace better sign on the dotted line fairly soon, because Child 44 is set to start filming in Budapest in May, just after the duo wraps up their first collaboration, The Drop, set to shoot in March.


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