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Unsurprisingly, trying to hammer a round body into a square hole for a buff movie role can seriously harm your health and, in 's case, beefing up to play Bane has had lifelong consequences.

In a candid interview with The Daily Beast, Hardy spoke openly about the perils of piling masses of muscle onto his naturally slight 5'9" frame and how he would be reluctant to go through the same training to play Al Capone:

"It’s not the classic Al Capone that you necessarily envision with the silhouette, while doing press for his new eight-part television series Taboo. "I don’t want to give too much away about it, but there’s definitely a transformation with that role. I don’t know if it’s as drastic as Bane. I’ve probably damaged my body too much. I’m only little! If I keep putting on weight I’ll collapse like a house of cards under too much pressure."

When you revisit how ripped Hardy was in , it's easy to see why he's concerned about caving under the extra weight!

The 39-year-old star then explained how he believes age makes a huge difference in the toll that hardcore physical training has on your body, especially when it's impossible to stick to a gym schedule to maintain your fitness:

"I think you pay the price with any drastic physical changes. It was alright when I was younger, to put myself under that kind of duress, but I think as you get into your 40s you have to be more mindful of the rapid training, packing on a lot of weight and getting physical, and then not having enough time to keep training because you’re busy filming, so your body is swimming in two different directions at the same time. And then after the film I’m tired, and you maybe have to change your shape again and go back to your normal size for the next film."

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Hardy shows off his gains in 'Warrior' [Credit: Lionsgate]
Hardy shows off his gains in 'Warrior' [Credit: Lionsgate]

Hardy went on to explain that, although he doesn't consider his body seriously "damaged," he still has aches, pains and minor joint issues from his time sculpting his body for various roles:

"To go from one extreme to another has a cost. I haven’t damaged my body, but I’m certainly a bit achier than I used to be! I kind of miss it. Compared to Christian Bale I’ve been by no means extreme in my body changes, but for what little I’ve done, yeah, I certainly have joints that click that probably shouldn’t click, you know what I mean? And carrying my children is a little bit harder than it used to be—but don’t tell them!"

Tom Hardy gets ripped in 'Bronson [Credit: Vertigo Films]
Tom Hardy gets ripped in 'Bronson [Credit: Vertigo Films]

I guess when you end up looking like the image above, it could be considered kind of worth it, but Myspace Tom Hardy is definitely my favorite Tom Hardy and I think we can all agree that physique probably didn't take backbreaking effort to achieve:

If it ain't broke, don't fix it [Credit: Myspace]
If it ain't broke, don't fix it [Credit: Myspace]

Would you commit to an extreme body transformation if the price was right?

(Source: The Daily Beast)


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