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Are you sitting down? You'd better be. Because Tom Hardy has done something so heroic that it could easily pass as a scene from one of his movies. Suffice to say, this news comes with a very high chance of swooning.

Witnesses in Richmond, London claim to have seen Tom Hardy chase down an escaped thief seen fleeing the scene of a crime. According to The Sun, two men had stolen a moped and crashed it shortly after. One man was accosted, while the other attempted to escape. Unfortunately for him, one of the world's foremost action heroes was already in the vicinity and ready to make a citizen's arrest.

'I Caught The C***!'

Mad Max: Fury road [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Mad Max: Fury road [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

The moped thief tried his best to outrun his vigilante pursuer, but he was no match for the mighty Hardy. The actor chased him through the neighborhood, scaling walls and startling local man Arun Pullen, whose back garden he passed through during the chase. Pullen says Hardy looked "like he’d switched to superhero mode in an action movie":

"He went off like a shot in pursuit and looked furious."

His girlfriend, Kalisha, was just as shocked to see the Hollywood star in her own backyard:

"I'm a big Tom Hardy fan and there was no mistaking him. He looked as mad as he does on telly."

[Credit: Cancer Research UK]
[Credit: Cancer Research UK]

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Hardy allegedly cornered the escapee in a bus stop, frisking him for weapons and even checking his ID while he waited for police to arrive. Hardy proudly proclaimed that he'd "caught the c***," later describing the incident to a stunned Pullen:

"This little s*** nicked something and now he’s got himself a ­broken leg."

It certainly sounds like Hardy's action hero abilities extend to beyond the silver screen. Pullen says he wouldn't have put it past Hardy to give the man "a good hiding," claiming that the captured criminal looked "wrecked and in shock."

Did This Really Happen?

Mad Max: Fury road [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]
Mad Max: Fury road [Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures]

Let's be honest: there's a good chance that this might be nothing more than a fabricated news story from a false witness eager for their fifteen minutes of internet fame.

However, considering Tom Hardy is essentially the epitome of masculinity, the whole story doesn't even sound that far-fetched. Hardy's entire action-packed career has basically just been preparing him for this very moment. As eyewitness Pullen says:

"Tom Hardy’s clearly not a man you’d mess with."


Do you think Tom Hardy actually captured that escaped thief?

(Credit: The Sun)

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