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On Monday, May 22, a bombing occurred during an Ariana Grande concert at the Manchester Arena. The explosion took the lives of 22 people and injured approximately 59 others. It was the worst terrorist attack in England since the 2005 London bombings and various celebrities have expressed their condolences and support to the families of the victims. One in particular that has stepped up to offer as much support as possible is .

The actor started a fundraising campaign on Just Giving for the British Red Cross Society to help those affected by this horrible event. The campaign's goal is $19,000. Alongside his post, the actor wrote this heartfelt message for everyone:

"What happened last night at the AG concert in Manchester was a tragedy; families and children attacked and murdered; in a place where they should be safe and enjoying a concert. it is an inconceivable atrocity. There is no bringing back those who have been lost, pointlessly, in such a cowardly and brutal fashion. I am truly saddened by what I have witnessed and there is no doubt that Terrorism is an evil thing. I hope between us we can raise some funds as a gesture of goodwill and love to help in some small way towards repairing some if any of the damage done in the wake of last nights events. There will be much to do and for many the beginning of a new life without those that they love and also a new life damaged irrevocably by the actions of a crime which has no reason, no heartfelt purpose but was simply a cruel cowardly and barbaric, meaningless act of violence. A road to recovery unimaginable."

The actor finished his message by sending his condolences to the victims and witnesses of the bombing:

"Terrorism is abhorrent, the killing of innocent families and children unacceptable. And it is with those, the innocent victims and the witnesses of this atrocity that my heartfelt concern and deepest sympathy lies. Please help however you can. Thank you."

While it's devastating to know people are in this situation because of a few hateful individuals, it's incredibly uplifting to see Tom Hardy using his status to raise awareness for so many people that are in need right now. The campaign's goal is of $19,000. As of right now, it's 99% completed, so it will hopefully reach its goal sooner rather than later. If you can, please don't hesitate to donate to the campaign. Your donation, no matter how small or big, will help a lot of people going through this incredibly difficult time.


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