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Tino Jochimsen

(The Dark Knight Rises) just keeps getting awesome project on awesome project:

According to Deadline, the Warrior star will headline The Outsider for legendary (or notorious, depending on your stance on a good bit of Asian ultra-violence) Japanese director .

The yakuza thriller will be the first English language feature for the prolific filmmaker, whose most famous films include the eerie horror flick Audition and extremely violent yakuza fare such as Ichi the Killer or Graveyard of Honor.

The filmmaker's following should be happy about the choice of project: The Outsider chronicles the rise of an American through the ranks of the yakuza in Post World War 2 Japan.

To say has a full schedule ahead of him would be an understatement indeed. The English actor has four movies scheduled for a release in 2014 alone: he's racing against time in Lore, hunting a serial killer in Stalinist Russia in Child 44, saving a puppy in the crime drama The Drop and driving like hell in Mad Max: Fury Road.

It's highly unlikely that he'll start his yakuza career before 2015!


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