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Tino Jochimsen

The late Philip Seymour Hoffman was not only a truly brilliant actor, he was also a director.

As such he was responsible for the production of Brett C.Leonard’s The Long Red Road, starring Tom Hardy. I won’t dare to say anything about how personal this addiction-themed stage play must have been for Hoffman.

Instead here’s an excerpt of what his lead actor had to say about his friend and colleague's far-too-early passing. For the whole moving text please head over to Hardy's tumblr page:

I loved Phil he was my North star of standards - he was brilliant - funny and full of wisdom and eccentricities and love - he nurtured talent and believed in team. [...] I felt he believed in me in a way that few have ever and took the time and effort to show me the road. Above all I and my closest friends will miss Phil more than it is possible to say. Because he was one of us.. And we will remember him always. He effected us deeply. He was also a leader amongst our kind. Simply tragic.


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