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For those of you who have been hankering after Tom Hardy of late following his run of incredible films, worry not, for his 2014 release schedule promises two crime dramas: 'the Dennis Lehane adaptation Animal Rescue, and the Stalin-era mystery Child 44'.

In Child 44, Hardy stars as a (via Slashfilm):

Soviet military police officer whose investigation into a child murder attracts the displeased attention of the government and all Hardy’s [character's] wife can do, is stick by his side as his life goes to hell. is the head of police, and judging by the picture above Commissioner Gordon and Bane don’t like each other much more than they did in The Dark Knight Rises. It’s too bad these photos show off only three of the film’s stars, because the entire cast is pretty solid. , , , , and also star.

Thomas Hardy in new Soviet thriller

Gary Oldman and Tom Hardy

Animal Rescue is a crime-drama based on: 'a lost pit bull, a wannabe scam artist, and a killing' (via IMDb).

As a huge fan and sucker for Soviet style thrillers, I cannot wait for and Child 44 to play out, as well as The Drop in 2014, but what do you guys think?

Source: Slashfilm



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