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Will people still go see Spider-Man movies if Peter Parker's already dead in that universe? Maybe. Sony recently announced the casting of one of the greatest actors living today, Tom Hardy, to play one of Spider-Man's greatest villains, . In 's Ultimate Comics, Green Goblin killed Spidey, but just imagine the opening of the Venom movie seeing the death of Peter Parker by the hands of Eddie Brock. This would most certainly set the tone for a new shared universe, with Miles Morales watching in the background.

As of now, the movie is looking to be a solo film featuring more of an horror angle than actual heroics. This is a perfect way for Sony to set itself apart from other superhero franchises. That still leaves the studio in a weird place though — who should the audience root for if the main character is a villain? Well, how about someone who's less conflicted about killing and enjoys to leave as much Carnage as possible (Yeah, Carnage!)?

Tom Hardy can certainly carry a movie, and if it does well enough, then we might eventually see spin-offs. One must also remember that Sony is putting out an animated movie featuring Miles Morales, which is a smart way to build brand recognition, especially if you have larger plans for him down the road. So, it looks like Sony is trying to succeed in their own shared universe without Peter Parker — and it could totally work!

Let's take a look at how Venom could open the doors for other characters that Sony owns and see if it has a chance to be successful.

Marvel Has So Many Spider-Powered Heroes

'Spider-Verse' [Credit: Marvel Comics]
'Spider-Verse' [Credit: Marvel Comics]

This is hard to swallow, but as of now, Sony is our only chance to see such characters as Spider-Gwen, Spider-Woman, Scarlet Spider and Silk on the big screen. There's really only one problem: They all basically have the same power set and it might be hard to market them due to the similarities.

At the same time, the Power Rangers basically all have the same powers and Lionsgate still made a movie about them. The Power Rangers are nowhere near as popular as the Spider-Man brand. There still always a chance for Marvel's MCU Peter Parker to show up in any one of Sony movies, giving it an tom harinstant lift.

How This Could Work?

It all depends on what they're trying to accomplish with the new Venom movie. Venom is one of the most terrifying villains in any medium. Not only that, but he's also one of the most popular. Sony could test the waters by having Peter Parker already dead in this universe and sprinkle Easter Eggs throughout about other individuals with similar powers lurking around. If the audience eats this up, then Sony is in a situation where anything's possible.

Fox's Marvel division struck gold with Deadpool and Logan, and with Sony freed from Disney's restrictions, we could possibly see an R-rated Scarlet Spider movie that would surely blow fans away. It all depends on Venom's reception at the box office and with critics.

Furthermore, it's not like Peter Parker is completely off the table either. If Sony decides to adapt the Spider-Verse, then the MCU's version could certainly come back. If Venom is a hit, then Sony has a very large sandbox to play with and a very good chance of making some serious money with the most diverse group of heroes out there.

I believe this is Sony's goal — starting off with one of the most popular characters in Spidey's lore to see if there's an interest outside Peter Parker. This makes the choice of using Miles Morales in the animated feature make a heck of a lot more sense. Either way, we're lucky because we're about to see a Venom movie starring Tom Hardy. Now that's amazing!

[Credit: Marvel Comics]
[Credit: Marvel Comics]

Do you think a Spider-Verse without Peter Parker could work?


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