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One of the most exciting prospects of Thor: The Dark World is to find what the insidious Loki is up to. Will he be a ‘bad guy gone good’ or just a bad guy having to cooperate with the good guy, or simply the second fiddle to the new bad guy Malekith the Accursed? How will his relationship with his brother be like, after that little carfuffel in The Avengers, alien army invasion and all?

Questions, questions…

The God of mischief is played by , an actor so awesome he can even turn cheese into gold, as you can witness in this War Horse scene.

The English thespian was so kind to share his excitement for the Thor sequel, which is currently in post production:

'It's fantastic, truly. We are making an amazing film, and we're having a wonderful time. It's so exciting to have established characters and an established setting in the world, and we are working so hard to cook up something new. That is what is exciting to me - taking what we know, taking what we love and deepening it and giving it an extra dimension. I think director Alan Taylor is really shaping up the world of Asgard and the world of these characters'

This quote is the expected actor's fluff, of course. Rarely do you get a star saying before a movie's release: ‘This one is gonna suck!’

Still, Hiddleston is such a fantastic actor, and the possibilities where his character could go are so vast, we're definitely looking forward to what we fully expect to be an amazing, wholly entertaining performance.


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