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Fancasting is very popular among movie fans on the internet. Usually, fans take one of their favorite actors and "cast" them as a particular, pre-existing character. If the fancast is accurate enough, it usually attracts attention faster than a Floridian wildfire. Petitions and concept art are created to show that fans really want to see this specific actor to play this character.

With fan-castings — and I'm sure I'm not the only one who thinks this — 95 percent of the time I see one on social media or right here on Movie Pilot, I have one of two reactions. I either say "Oh, that's cool, I could see that" or "Nope, don't like it". The other five percent of the time I see a fan-castingI will absolutely fall in love with it and wouldn't want to see anyone else in the role — but that's a rare circumstance.

Recently, I gazed upon a fan-casting that apparently has been around for a while but never gained much traction. I didn't create this idea but I really wish I had — it might be one of the best fan-casts I've ever seen!

Tom Hiddleston Portraying A Young Palpatine Would Probably Be The Best Thing Ever

If Tom Hiddleston was cast as a younger Sheev Palpatine from a time before The Phantom Menace, it would be absolutely fantastic. Now, I'm not even sure if I would want to see a Palpatine solo film and how he rose to power, but if Hiddleston was cast in the main role I would be 100 percent on board.

This is something that has been on the internet for a while and now that we have Star Wars anthology films coming out every other year, this is a perfect time to bring the attention back to this fan-casting. A young Palpatine isn't the only Star Wars character that Hiddleston has been championed for; many movie fanatics have suggested him as a young Grand Moff Tarkin. While this isn't a bad idea, I would much rather see Hiddleston portray a younger Palpatine on the big screen. There are many reasons why I think Hiddleston this, but here are the main reasons why this is the perfect casting.

He's The Right Age, Looks And Sounds The Part

Hiddleston is only 35 years old and that is right around the age where a younger version of Palpatine would start to make his name in politics. On top of this, he also has the potential to look like the evil Sith Lord. He is a taller, skinnier man with a lighter skin tone that would perfectly portray the character and do him justice. Hiddleston has the same blueish eye color as Ian McDiarmid, the actor who played Palpatine in both the original and prequel trilogy. When comparing the two actors' facial structures, they share many similarities such as the shape of their nose and their chins.

On top of this, Tom Hiddleston has the perfect, menacing voice for Palpatine. I would love to hear his malevolent and mischievous voice give a menacing speech about his goals to destroy all of the Jedi and then at the end, give off a perfect evil laugh. In general, just looking and listening to Tom Hiddleston already makes him a great contender, yet you cannot judge a book by its cover. However, Hiddleston holds many good traits beyond just the physical.

Tom Hiddleston Is Down For Playing The Role

On an episode of Collider Jedi Council, host Kristan Harloff said that the last time where he interviewed Hiddleston, he asked him how he would feel about portraying the iconic Star Wars character in an upcoming Star Wars movie off-camera and Hiddleston responded that it would be awesome.

Obviously, I am digging very deep into this as it could easily be false or over-exaggerated. However, the fact that there is even a chance that Tom Hiddleston is even slightly interested is extremely exciting to hear. Also, probably the most important thing that needs to happen if Tom Hiddleston were to become the Sith Lord is being interested in the role.

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Tom Hiddleston Is A Fantastic Actor, Duh

Tom Hiddleston is currently becoming a big name in Hollywood, rolling in the success of other blockbuster films. He is best known for playing one of the greatest on-screen comic book villains, Loki, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but Hiddleston has built a career for himself that goes way beyond the role of Thor's brother.

Just last year, he starred in movies like the Guillermo Del Toro horror romance, Crimson Peak, in which Hiddleston delivered an outstanding performance as Sir Thomas Sharpe. Also, he starred in High-Rise and I Saw the Light with his MCU-companion Elizabeth Olsen, who plays Scarlett Witch.

The prominent actor is also starring in the new movie Kong: Skull Island next March, where he leads a team to an uncharted island in the Pacific where they encounter King Kong himself. This will most likely spin out into a bigger franchise (depending on the box office) and Hiddleston will be the star of it. While the actor does have a lot happening in his career, he has the room to fit in a Star Wars movie for sure!

Tom Hiddleston Can Play A Manipulative, Evil Villain

Last, but certainly not least, is the fact that Tom Hiddleston has already proven that he could not only play a "good" Palpatine but could really knock it out of the park. Of course, I am referring to Hiddleston's most iconic and arguably best role in film to date: Loki.

Hiddleston pulls off an almost perfect performance for a character who is very hard to master. Loki has many levels to his character, as he is constantly switching from good to bad and always has a trick up his sleeve. Loki is the God of Mischief and is always putting off an air of uncertainrt, because even when he is doing something good, there is something bad in return. He has great chemistry with his brother Thor and we will see it further expand next year in Thor: Ragnarok.

Why am I emphasizing Hiddleston's role as Loki? It's because a lot of Loki's characteristics are similar to those of Palpatine's, even though they are completely different characters. Like Loki, Palpatine is a manipulative and powerful villain who is double-sided in the sense that he will appear as Chancellor Palpatine but in reality, he is really a Dark Lord of the Sith.

Wherever Tom Hiddleston is needed for the movie, whether it be an Old Republic movie or a Palpatine solo movie, we could see how the Palpatine became a Sith and what convinced him to do what he did. Did he stumble upon a Sith holocron where he learned the secrets of the Sith and became strong in the Force and decided to bring the Sith back to life? Or perhaps he was trained by another evil figure, possibly Supreme Leader Snoke? Either way, Hiddleston would bring so much to that role that would elevate the greatness of the movie by a mile and it would make fans fall in love with Palpatine even more than before.


Do you guys think Tom Hiddleston would make a great Palpatine in an upcoming Star Wars movie?

What do you guys think? Could Tom Hiddleston pull off an extraordinary performance as Emperor Palpatine himself? Tell me below, I'd love to hear your opinion!


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