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's Loki is THE perfect combination of charm and elegance (I mean, how many other actors can you think of that play the villain, but have more fangirls than the hero? Exactly), so it hardly came as a surprise when comic book fans expressed their demands for a standalone Loki flick.

Hiddleston himself tends to skirt modestly around this subject of his own movie, expressing gratitude that fans are so enthusiastic about the character of Loki, while reminding interviewers that the decision is up to Marvel. But in his most recent interview, Hiddles has shared one of his own ideas for a Loki solo movie. Talking to Fandango, the Thor: The Dark World star mused:

It's up to . He runs Marvel Studios... And of course, there are many iterations of the character. Many situations that I would love to see him in. I would love to see him somewhere like on his own on earth in the seventies, running a night club. You know, playing guitar with Jimi Hendrix or something. You know, there is a sort of rock star element to him.

And, in the spirit of his Hemsworth-themed bromance, Hiddleston added:

I must also say he is defined in opposition to Thor, so I don't quite know how it would be to be Loki in a film without .

Check the full interview out for yourself, via

What do you guys think? Would you be down with watching a be-flared Loki in a Thor meets Boogie Nights kinda flick? Now that I think of it, in the image of Hiddles above, it does look suspiciously like he is about to get his Saturday Night Fever dance on... I'm down with that.

Thor: The Dark World is currently in theaters.



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