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Tom Holland exploded onto the superhero scene last year when he starred in Captain America: Civil War as everyone's favorite wallcrawler, Spider-Man. Acclaimed for his infectiously nerdy performance, Holland's Peter Parker web-slung his way into all our hearts and made an unforgettable impression on Marvel fans everywhere.

In fact, the young actor was so well-received that he ended up headlining his very own film a little over a year later. And as we all expected, also turned out to be a huge success.

While Spidey was given the platform to show off his flexibility and super-strength, fans couldn't help but notice the absence of one trademark feature: his Spider-Sense. The supernatural ability to warn the wallcrawler of imminent danger was nowhere to be seen in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

And it turns out that this is an ability that really could have benefited from in real life, as the actor has revealed that he recently suffered a broken nose. Taking to social media, he tweeted about it in a rather humorous way, complete with a tear-filled laughing emoji. Check it out below:

Holland suffered the injury on set of his new film — a dystopian action thriller adapted from Charlie Ness' young adult novel trilogy. But it's good to know that he sees the funny side of it.

He Nose What It Feels Like

Holland's broken nose isn't the first time that he has suffered an injury on set. In fact, it isn't even the first time that he broke his nose. As implied by his humorous tweet, he previously suffered the same fate whilst filming The Lost City Of Z.

Wanting to show off his gymnastic skills to director James Gray on the last day of filming, Holland attempted to do a backflip in the jungle, wearing boots. And it turned out to be as much of a bad idea as it sounded. The actor recalled the experience in an interview with Den Of Geek, in which he commented:

"It was sort of like a slow-motion ‘Nooo’ where you have period boots on and are doing this flip in the jungle... So I stood up, I had these stupid leather boots on, I tried to do a backflip, and just broke my face... I mean, I’ve been a gymnast since I was a little kid. It’s been years since I haven’t really landed one, and I remember hitting my face on the floor and going, ‘Shit! That didn’t happen.’ I stood up, I thought I knocked my teeth out, and the makeup artist was laughing at me. And when she saw my face, it went from ‘Haha’ to ‘Oh, medic, medic!’”

On-set injuries aren't uncommon in Hollywood. As there are many adventurous and audacious productions, the sets can often inadvertently lead to cast injuries. Recently actor Ike Barinholtz suffered a broken neck after falling from a high platform whilst filming The Pact, while Dylan O' Brien suffered multiple broken bones on-set of The Maze Runner: The Death Cure. Thankfully, both actors didn't suffer any major long-term damage. But it highlights how injuries can happen on film sets.

While any injury on-set is unfortunate, it's great to see that Holland is maintaining his usual positive outlook on things. As he overcame the injury once before, I have no doubt that he'll recover quickly, and it won't be long before swings his way back onto the big screen. Let's just hope he takes his Spider-Sense with him this time!

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