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Much like the material they're based on, comic book movies have a rotating nature. Multiple actors take on the same superhero and there's a strangely satisfying feeling in seeing older generations passing the torch to their successors. We've seen it happen with Christian Bale and Ben Affleck for Batman, Chris Evans and Michael B. Jordan for the Human Torch, and it's also happened to Tom Holland for Spider-Man.

played the sticky superhero from 2002 to 2007 in one of the most beloved superhero franchises in history. Andrew Garfield took up the tights a few years later. While the overall take on his superhero wasn't as well-received, Garfield delivered a performance that resonated with countless fans.

Now it's 's turn to leave his mark on the wall-crawler, this time around as part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, and it's safe to say the young actor's about to embark on a huge journey. Fortunately for him, he got a pretty awesome passing-of-the-torch moment. During an interview with BBC Radio 1, Holland opened up about meeting Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield for the first time. Their encounters had completely different outcomes, but both were recounted in as delightful a way as you'd expect from Holland.

Meeting Tobey Maguire

Our real-life Peter Parker encountered Maguire, the man who revitalized the craze during the premiere for Edgar Wright's Baby Driver. Maguire was seated right in front of Holland, and as you could imagine, the young actor couldn't help but get excited and try to get his attention. Sadly, it seems the original Spidey didn't hear him and their meeting ended up being pretty uneventful:

"I met Tobey recently in LA at the screening for 'Baby Driver.' And he sat like, right in front of me, but he didn't see me, and I was like, 'Tobey! Tobey! Hi, I'm Spider-Man!'"

Granted, that didn't go according to plan, but that didn't mean Holland was done with Maguire. You see, the actor's thought about the perfect role for Maguire to play in the MCU: Uncle Ben.

"I kind of want Tobey Maguire to play Uncle Ben. I think that'd be super funny. But I don't think he'll do it."

He might have been joking, but I won't lie, I think Maguire would be a great choice for Benjamin Parker—okay, put your pitchforks down; it'll never happen. But Maguire as a mentor for a young Peter would be pretty awesome. Plus, he would fit in perfectly with the younger version of Aunt May the 's going for.

Meeting Andrew Garfield

Holland got to meet during the BAFTAs and thankfully, things went pretty smoothly. We already knew about their encounter but Holland was kind enough to give us a more detailed account. Aware that Garfield unfortunately didn't have the nicest of memories from his time with the Spider-Man franchise, Holland was initially afraid to approach the previous webhead. But there was nothing to worry about; Garfield behaved like the awesome guy we always knew he was, and gave his blessing to his successor:

"I met Andrew at the BAFTAs and he was so nice, so sweet. You know, it really felt like he was passing on the torch. I'd been a little bit worried about meeting him because of what happened and I didn't know if he was sensitive about the subject."

'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' [Credit: Sony]
'The Amazing Spider-Man 2' [Credit: Sony]

Their sweet encounter got more friendly, and they introduced their respective families to each other, a reunion Holland described as "very English."

"He's crushing it right now. He was so sweet. I met his brother, I met his dad, his dad met my mom. Like it was like a nice, very English sort of, 'Hello mate, nice to meet you!'"

If that doesn't sound like the perfect Spider-Men reunion to you, I don't know what does. These little anecdotes got me wishing for a Spider-Verse-style crossover between the three actors' respective Peter Parkers. Yes, it will never happen, but hey, a guy can dream, right?

Jokes aside, it was great to hear these two anecdotes. Holland grew up, like most of us geeky kids, idolizing the two actors who played his favorite superhero. And it's great to know that he not only got to meet those heroes, but that he walked out with some pretty awesome anecdotes. hits theaters on July 7, 2017.

What did you think about Tom Holland meeting Andrew Garfield and Tobey Maguire? Would you have been as excited as he was to get them to pass on the Spidey torch? Let me know in the comments!


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