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Playing a superhero requires a lot of preparation. Actors not only have to be in top shape, but also need to get into the mindset of their characters. That was the dual process had to go through to portray our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. The thing is, that preparation came in the most unexpected of ways.

Holland and Robert Downey Jr. went on Jimmy Kimmel Live! to promote , and the actor took the opportunity to relate a funny anecdote to Kimmel and the audience.

The Joke That Marvel Took Too Seriously

Holland previously shared how he was enrolled in a real New York City high school to prepare for the part. Turns out, it all came about due to a big misunderstanding. As his only school experience had been with his all-boys prep school in London, he joked he should be enrolled in a real American public high school to get into the mindset of the character. Except, well, didn't take the suggestion as a joke:

"I think that was probably the most daunting part of taking on this character. So as a joke, I suggested to Marvel that I should go to a high school undercover. And it was completely a joke and Marvel took it completely seriously––I guess they didn't get my British sarcasm. So the next thing I know I, like, had a backpack with a pencil case on my way to Bronx School of Science [...] with a fake name and a fake accent.

There was one little problem with his enrollment, though: The school was Bronx School of Science, and Holland isn't that great with science. Given how most of the teachers believed him to be a real student at the advanced magnet school, he had to endure some awkward situations:

"Bronx School of Science is a school for genius kids and I am no genius [...] Even the teachers didn't know that I was not a real student so they would bring me up to the front of the class and be like 'What do you think, new kid?' And I'm like, 'I have no idea what you're talking about.' So it was very embarrassing."

So did he ever break character and tell anyone about his secret identity? Yes. Yes, he did. Holland told the "pretty girl" who sat next to him that he was actually . Unfortunately for him, his classmate didn't believe him:

"I had one funny experience. I was sat at the back of a classroom next to quite a pretty girl and she eventually said 'so dude, what's your deal, man?' I was like, 'Well, do you wanna know my secret?' And she was like 'Okay.'

[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]
[Credit: Marvel Studios/Sony Pictures]

[I said] So I'm actually Spider-Man,' she was like 'dude, you're nuts bro, you're nuts!'"

So basically, he told a pretty girl that in an attempt to impress her and completely failed. That was some experience. I mean, he got to go undercover to gifted science school while hiding his real identity as Spider-Man to everyone. All due to a bad joke he couldn't help but crack. If that's not some on-brand method acting for , I don't know what is.

What did you think about Tom Holland's story? Would you have believed he was Spider-Man? Let me know in the comments!


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