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For years Sony has been trying its best to get an Uncharted film out of development hell. There's been a variety of different writers and directors attached to the project, but the spark could never be lit to move the project forward. That is, until now. There have be some admittedly skeptical reactions to the big reveal, but that is exactly why Tom Holland could be the perfect man to play Nathan Drake.

There are two things about the signing of Holland that are exciting, one of which is the potential that comes with making the movie revolve around a young version of our hero. The second one is that Holland is the perfect choice, and Sony Pictures chairman Thomas Rothman would seemingly agree, with Deadline claiming that the film exec drew inspiration for the Uncharted franchise after seeing a cut of Holland in Spider-Man action.

He Can Play An Adventurer

Last year's action-adventure The Lost City of Z featured a gutsy Holland traipsing through the wilderness, and while his character enjoyed far less screen time than the film's leading man Charlie Hunnam, the younger actor didn't look out of place venturing into the jungle.

[Credit: Amazon Studios]
[Credit: Amazon Studios]

often finds himself deep in the jungle, searching for lost cities in scenes that so often shape the look and feel of the character. If The Lost City of Z is any indication, then Holland is already halfway to being Nathan Drake, having already shown us how believable he is as an intrepid trekker.

He Can Play A Young Nathan Drake To A Tee

Credit: Naughty Dog
Credit: Naughty Dog

Tom Holland's Spider-Man is a teenager with enough confidence to be an adventurer, enough one-liners to fill an game, and an intense desire to prove himself to his doubting peers. Those are qualities that are also undeniably true of Nathan Drake. Add in the fact that Holland is athletic enough to pull off the crazy stunts Nathan is known for and he can believably play a teenager with both book and street smarts, and you've got the perfect candidate for the Naughty Dog protagonist.

He Can Breathe Life Into The Relationships

The Uncharted movies will live and die by their ability to portray the relationships that Nathan Drake has while growing up. And while there will be no Elena, there will be a Sam and a Sully.

The relationship with Sully is an important one. The relationship that Holland's shares with Robert Downey Jr.'s Iron Man in the and Hunnam's father character in The Lost City of Z are both excellent examples of a Sully-esque dynamic. And while Sam is not the father-figure that Sully is, he plays a similar figure in Nate's life. For a while, he was the only family that Nate even had.

If Holland performs as well in Spider-Man: Homecoming as we expect him to, there is no reason to suspect that Sony won't be able to finally give us the Uncharted franchise we've been hoping for.

The Uncharted movie is set for release some time in 2018. Is Tom Holland your choice to play young Nathan Drake? Did you even want to see a young Nathan Drake? Let us know in the comments section below.

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