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I guess all the fancy footwork we witnessed during Tom Holland's epic lip-sync battle wasn't enough to help him dodge a punch. With Spider-Man: Homecoming just around the corner, everyone is eagerly awaiting his swing into action as everyone's friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. But those swings came at a price, turns out.

In an interview with British GQ, discussed how one of the stuntmen on the set accidentally punched him in the head during one of the action sequences. But it's Holland's response that proves he was destined to suit-up as Spider-Man.

Tom Holland Admits The Punch Was His Own Fault

Holland pointed out that part of the reason for getting knocked in the noggin was due to the restrictions of the suit. Because of the face shell he has to wear under the mask, his vision is very limited and that led to his Spider-sense failing him:

"I was supposed to dodge it and I just didn't see it coming. He cracked me in the head. He had this massive gauntlet in his hand, a big metal fist type thing, and he punched me in the face so hard, like you wouldn't believe."

Some actors may have flipped out on the stuntman because they don't want to hurt their Hollywood faces and set back their careers. Not Holland. He took this blunder and wore it proudly like a true superhero:

"But it looks great! I hope they use it. It's one of those things where you stand up and you're angry, like, 'What the hell, man? You punched me in the head!' Then you realize it's entirely your fault."

Even Holland understands that everyone makes mistakes, and this is just part of the job of being an actor.

Accidents Can Happen On Movie Sets

Tom Holland may learned quickly that he is not as durable as Spider-Man, but he isn't the first actor to have an incident while filming one of 's movies. Both Chris Pratt and Robert Downey, Jr. suffered injuries during the filming of one their scenes.

admitted that during one of the scenes in Guardians Of The Galaxy 2, he was knocked unconscious during a wire work scene involving him being suspended 15 feet up in the air. The crew holding onto the wires accidentally dropped him at double the speed intended to make Star-Lord fly through the sky and—BOOM!—lights out.

Iron Man 3 was actually delayed because of an accident involving . During one of his stunts as Iron Man, Downey ended up spraining his ankle. They ended up finishing the final scene with CGI and a body double to avoid a release bump, but I bet he wished he was wearing one of his armored suits during that scene.

As Tom Holland dons the Spider-Man suit, he is surely learning that as an actor in any of these action films, you just have to roll with the punches.

Spider-Man: Homecoming opens in theaters July 7, 2017.



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