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Chris Hemsworth's been going through a tough time after being left out of the legendary superhero Civil War of '16, and he's had no problem jokingly sharing his displeasure with the rest of the world. The hilarious journey started with his very own docu-series (yep, that happened), before moving over to Instagram posts.

His latest video showed him walking into a secret Avengers scene in the making for that didn't include Thor. Seeing this, he took down all the Avengers except for the Hulk (you know, for being his road-trip buddy in Ragnarok), Falcon and the Winter Soldier (for some reason).

All the Avengers have kept mum... until now, that is.

Spider-Man Wasn't A Fan Of This Video

But this week 's gotten his revenge. The real-life Spidey recently posted his hilarious comeback done in a similar style to Hemsworth's. Something to keep in mind before watching, though: As he cautions at the beginning, Hemsworth's face-melting good looks, giant biceps, or thick Australian accent aren't part of the video:

There are three main takeaways from this response. Firstly, our friendly neighborhood isn't a fan of the Winter Soldier, and he's pretty sure of his ability to beat up of Falcon. Most likely because of this:

... And this:

And... you know what? For the sake of Falcon's pride, let's move on. Out of all the action figures in Hemsworth's clip, Spidey got lucky. He was just pushed away, but Holland wasn't a fan of such a noble (and frankly unnecessary) display of mercy. He even took the God of Thunder down with his own hammer:

"Who's the kid now, Thor?"

Brutal, Spidey.

Finally, third –– and perhaps most importantly: You may be wondering why Holland was so chummy chummy with . After all, Scott Lang brushed him off while he was trying to take him down in Civil War. That may be because Tom Holland, being the awesome guy he is, simply isn't one to hold grudges. During an interview with Screen Rant, he was asked about what hero he'd like to team up with in . And the actor brought up Ant-Man:

"Ant-Man would be my favorite. I want to have like a bug bros session. I think it’d be really cool."

It makes sense. Tony Stark has Doctor Strange as his Awesome Facial Hair Bro, Peter's trying to snag Scott Lang as his Bug Bro. This was a great video, and it would be great if it was part of a bigger comedic series. I'm only hoping for one thing, though: Thanos is coming to Earth next year, so hopefully Spidey and Thor are able to make up before that happens to defend the Earth as partners.

While we wait to see if that happens, , is swinging to theaters on July 7, 2017.

What did you think about Tom Holland's response? Let me know in the comments!


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