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The second Spider-Man: Homecoming trailer has just dropped, swinging along with it a host of clever Easter Eggs and tantilizing new scenes to get our enthusiasm going through the roof. If you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, here it is:

It's no secret that the upcoming Spider-Man movie will see some pretty drastic changes being made to the beloved web-slinging superhero. And now, the actor behind the mask — Tom Holland — has shared his opinion on whether such adjustments are for the better. Speaking to Comic Book, he recently said:

"It is a version of Spider-Man we have not seen before and I think the trailer really portrays that. It might take audiences just a half beat to adjust to the new take but I think once they do they will fall in love with it."

director Tom Watts then threw the following into the conversation:

"The challenge is to figure out how to make this new and fresh and feel vital. That is why you go to the movies, to see stories you haven’t seen before and that is what we are trying to do with this. The best coming of age movies get you into the head of the main character and make you feel the way they do. I wanted to keep it in his world, on his level."

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Watch the full Spider-Man: Homecoming interview with Tom Holland below, where he discusses his Peter Parker character and the fast-paced filming experience:

Do you think this version of Spider-Man will be the best yet?

'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Marvel Studios]
'Spider-Man: Homecoming' [Credit: Marvel Studios]


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