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Joining the slate of video game movie adaptations coming our way is Sony's long-awaited Uncharted, directed by Shawn Levy. The film's expected to put a new spin on the franchise as it will center around everyone's favorite fortune hunter, Nathan Drake, in his younger years as he learns the ropes of the thieving business alongside his partner in crime, Victor Sullivan.

As we learned a few months ago, Tom Holland will be in charge of bringing Drake's younger version to life, and he's really excited about it (as he is excited about everything because the guy is delightfully enthusiastic about life). After so many years in development, it's clear the film is a priority for .

Things had been pretty quiet on the news front after 's casting announcement, but we may have just gotten a detail that poses a big question for the state of the movie. Last week, during an interview with, Holland was asked a popular question among his Twitter fanbase: What juicy details could he offer for Uncharted? The actor stated:

"I think the idea is to make an origin story of Nathan Drake, because we have never seen that, obviously the games take place later in his life. But at the moment it's just a conversation. I sat down with Tom Rothman and we sort of came up with this idea, I sat down with Shawn Levy and we spoke about the idea. And believe me, it's something I feel very passionately about, something I'd love to do, but it just depends if it works out."

[Credit: Sony Pictures]
[Credit: Sony Pictures]

Okay so basically...they have an idea, but it might not be the story they go with.

What Is Going With The Movie Right Now?

But there is something curious about his comments, specifically his "if it's going to work out." Was that last part supposed to indicate there's uncertainty around the project? Not likely. Instead, it's actually a good indicator that they are taking their time with the story, making sure to get it right. And they need to.

Video game movie adaptations have traditionally not done that well, particularly recently. While 2014's Need for Speed was a moderate financial success, the last few years haven't been so kind to the genre. Hitman: Agent 47 took in $82 million on a $35 million budget, while Assassins Creed earned $240 million on a $125 million budget. And, while Warcraft did alright overseas, it bombed domestically, earning just $47 million on a hefty $160 million budget.

Every new film in the genre is released with the hopes of breaking the video game movie curse, and that makes them great risks. That's especially true for Uncharted. Focusing on a young presents a big challenge for Sony. Even though the games have a large following, the story of a child treasure-hunter could be too much of a deviation from the games to lure in the built-in fanbase, and the story has to be solid to bring in a larger general audience. With that sort of risk, Sony could have just left open some room to rework the project if need be, hence Holland's cautiousness.

Overall, we shouldn't jump to conclusions just yet. While nothing in the movie industry is a sure thing, so far everything we've heard about has made it seem like a strong project, especially with a rising star like Holland attached. As a long-time fan of the games, it would be great to see a fresh take on the story, so I'm crossing my fingers for this to happen.

What do you make about Tom Holland's comments about the state of Uncharted? Let me know in the comments!


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