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Jeez guys, save some roles for the rest of us. With big names like Josh Brolin and Tom Hardy seeming to scoop up every major role in Hollywood, some actors may be rightly miffed that you can't turn your head without seeing Chris Pratt save Earth from the threat of prehistoric dinosaurs, man a spaceship with Jennifer Lawrence, and guard the galaxy with Bradley Cooper. Well, even the young'uns are now in on the act, with star also setting his sights on Hollywood domination.

The Name's Holland, Tom Holland

Speaking in an interview (ironically) with Interview Magazine, Holland opened up to his Homecoming co-star Zendaya on his big plans for the future. As well as charting a 20-year plan that would end with him behind the camera instead of in front, the back-flipping 21-year-old has a few role aspirations tucked up his Spidey suit. Not just content with playing the wall-crawler until the day that his web fluid has dried up, Holland also revealed that he wants to play two more of cinema's biggest icons:

ZENDAYA: "I feel like I know the answer to this, but what role in an iconic movie do you wish that you could have played?"

HOLLAND: "James Bond. Or maybe I'll do Batman."

Even Zendaya saw it as a case of having eyes bigger than your belly, but you can't blame the kid for dreaming big!

With Bond's 25th adventure still up in the air and an uncertain future for 's tenure as the shaken but not stirred agent, talk of who could play the next 007 was at a fever-pitch last year. Favorites like Tom Hiddleston and Idris Elba frequently top the list, while Dave Bautista wants Michael Fassbender to pick up a Walther PPK. Holland would certainly be an unusual choice to play , and we have already seen Ben Whishaw take up the mantle of a much younger iteration of Q; however, I think it will still be a fair few years until Holland could be in the running to get behind the wheel of an Aston Martin.

Then we have the Caped Crusader. is certainly giving us the grizzled "old man Wayne" look at the moment, but we all know that the Batverse has been suffering of late. Personally, no matter how much older Holland gets, or how many protein shakes he drinks, I just can't see him as the Dark Knight. However, with all his acrobatics and nimble physique as Peter Parker, I would be more than happy to see him slip on some spandex as one of the many Boy Wonders to grace the Batcave and play Robin.

If Holland did find himself on the mean streets of Gotham, he would join those hallowed halls of the relative few who have not only jumped the Marvel ship over to DC, but also played two superheroes in their time. All of this would be a long way off anyway, and in the meantime, I think he should concentrate on the matter at hand to carry on beating up vultures, octopi, and goblins.

Check out Holland in the trailer for Spider-Man: Homecoming and don't forget our poll below!


Can you imagine Tom Holland as James Bond or Batman?

(Source: Interview Magazine)


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