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Spider-Man is swinging into theaters in less than a month to introduce his vast mythology into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. That includes some exciting additions to the franchise. One of them is Michelle, one of Peter's classmates, played by .

From what we've seen in the trailers, Parker's relationship with her will be quite tense. Tom Holland and Zendaya were happy to give us a taste a taste of that movie dynamic through a good-natured "spat" on Twitter.

It all began with a joke from Holland. You see, Zendaya posted a picture of herself at a event with the caption "Stealing hearts since '96." In response to that, Tom Holland posted his own picture with a self-deprecating caption worthy of Peter Parker:

"Stealing hearts since never."

Zendaya took to Twitter to jokingly declare her hatred for her costar:

Spider-Man Strikes Back

Things only escalated from there. Holland responded, telling her she would surely play nice when she was trying to get back in with the franchise for .

Yikes. Given that brutal response, the actress reminded her co-star of something: Holland has a much smaller fanbase than her. When it comes to Twitter numbers, Holland has 375,000 followers, a piddling amount compared to her 7.8 million fans. As for Instagram, Zendaya has 42.2 million followers; Holland has 1.9 million.

Essentially, he should be very careful with his threats:

This was a fun interaction between them. But while we're at it, let's clear something else up.

No, This Doesn't Mean They're In A Relationship

Because it's sometimes hard for people to see two costars having fun together without immediately shipping them, fans began speculating on a possible romance between the two.

One Twitter user asked Zendaya about the rumor directly, but the actress had the perfect response:

Not to perpetuate a rumor here but...that was was more of a sidestep than a dismissal, right? Just saying.

Despite their antagonism in Homecoming, Zendaya and share a great friendship, so it's nice to see them have some fun prior to the film hitting theaters.

If you can't wait to see them, don't forget to check out Spider-Man: Homecoming swings into theaters on July 7, 2017.


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