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Sunday's episode of , “The Other Side,” was about 99% character development, backstory revelation, and pointing out some huge elephants in the room, and 1% action.

No worries about the action; the upcoming war against the Saviors will give us more of that than we ever dreamed.

On Sunday evening, we were finally able to see and Maggie talk about Glenn, and we saw the beginning of Sasha and Rosita's suicide mission. But the part that lit up the Twitterverse the most is the moment so many comic book readers knew, or at least hoped, was coming...

Jesus Is Officially Gay!

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

The walker fans at had a chance to ask actor , who plays Jesus on the hit show, what he thought about The Big Reveal.

They started off with asking Payne how the character's sexuality would affect his role in the show, and his answer was something you would expect, considering there are way more important things on the show to worry about than that. You know, like the freakin' apocalypse.

Payne said it wouldn't affect Jesus' role at all. “In no way whatsoevah” were his exact words (love the accent, Jesus!).

Read on:

Credit: AMC
Credit: AMC

He went on to explain how he loved the scene where he shared so much personal and private stuff with Maggie in such a short amount of time: His time in a group home, how he felt about the Hilltop community, and his past boyfriends. Maggie took that news in stride, because, you know, apocalypse, and also because, you know, a dude being gay is not shocking.

Payne also gave his two cents on that scene where he could have tried to stop Sasha, but didn't.

"If that’s what Sasha wants to do for her own peace of mind and her own sanity, if he knew she was gonna run to her death, if that’s her choice, that’s her choice."

Read and listen to the full chat they had here, or check out the sneak preview for next week's episode, the first of the last two this season!


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