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For most of the current season of The Walking Dead fans have been waiting for our beloved characters to mobilize against Negan and his gang of terrifying Saviors. However instead of the group forming a plan and moving on it quickly like they did in Season 6 with what turned out to be the Saviors outpost, so far in Season 7 we've just seen our favorite survivors trying to come to terms with their new way of life.

Negan in Alexandria in The Walking Dead [AMC]
Negan in Alexandria in The Walking Dead [AMC]

With The Walking Dead heading into the mid-season finale this week, we're yet to see anyone make any sort of comprehensive plan to rid the world of the Saviors for good, and it seems like the show is instead gearing up for that to be shown in the second half of Season 7 (Season 7b), as Tom Payne (a.k.a Jesus) has explained.

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Jesus shows off his skills in The Walking Dead [AMC]
Jesus shows off his skills in The Walking Dead [AMC]

With the Kingdom yet to be introduced properly, Hilltop still under the control of Gregory and half of Alexandria off on solo missions, the hope for Season 7b is that the various communities (maybe even including Oceanside!) will band together and create a force to rival Negan's and finally shut him down once and for all. And it seems like Tom Payne a.k.a Paul 'Jesus' Rovia is onboard for that plan as well.

"I think it's about understanding the best way to combat the Negan problem and the Saviors problem," Payne said, speaking to Comic Book. "How is the group going to get past it, and are they? What we've seen this first half of the season is all of the different characters taking it in different ways."

Michonne off on her own mission [AMC]
Michonne off on her own mission [AMC]

Payne also explained that although multiple characters such as Michonne, Jesus, Rosita and Carl have all taken their own approaches to getting rid of Negan, ultimately it's not the best approach.

"I don't think that can go on for too long because you can't be one person against Negan," he said. "I think they'll probably hopefully come back and try and find a better way to fight him than just on their own."

Jesus on his side quest [AMC]
Jesus on his side quest [AMC]

Ultimately Payne thinks that his character wants to see a united front take on the Saviors, with all the communities we've met forming a militia worthy of the challenge.

"That's the hope. I think definitely Jesus's motivation," Payne says. "He's been scouting for the Hilltop for a long time, and he's always been looking for help with that situation. I think he would totally be on the side of that, of everyone linking up... I think he's probably had some ideas in his head of what could happen, what might be the next step, but he's not willing to take that step until he knows that it's a good one."

Let's hope that Jesus puts forth his idea pretty soon because if the fractured groups are any indication, things might be about to get even worse for the survivors in the mid-season finale.

The Walking Dead returns to AMC with Episode 8, "Hearts Still Beating" on December 11 at 9pm ET.


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