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Whether or not you were a huge fan of , most of us cannot deny that we miss the series now that it's on its summer break. While next season's premiere is months away, there is still a lot to get excited for prior to the start of Season 8. Many of the cast and crew have already praised the eighth season, teasing some big moments. We can now add one more to the list.

Tom Payne Hopes 'The Walking Dead' Season 8 Official Trailer Doesn't Give Too Much Away

'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]
'The Walking Dead' [Credit: AMC]

Every year at San Diego Comic-Con, fans of The Walking Dead wait in line for hours to be able to experience the official trailer for the upcoming season live at Hall H. Even for the people at home, it is still very exciting to see some glimpses of footage for the next season.

However, actor (Jesus) is hoping that AMC doesn't spoil any of the amazing moments that will be featured in the first couple of episodes. During an interview with, Payne said:

"I kind of hope not because there is stuff like this sequence that was shot last week that I don't want the audience to know about until it happens in the show. It's a surprise and you're like, 'Whoa, that's gonna happen!' I don't know, so I think the Comic-Con trailer is a tough one because you don't want to give away the cool stuff that's coming. So, I think they've got a bit of a job on their hands cutting it together."

But Editors Will Use A Clever And Commonly-Used Trick To Keep From Giving Too Much Away

The actor who portrays the fan-favorite Walking Dead character explained showrunners will insert unused footage into the trailer in order to keep as much of the footage for the next season undercover.

"Last year, there was that car chase sequence which actually didn't end up being in [Season 7]. And that was a sequence that was shot but it didn't make it into the episode so maybe it'll be that and we'll put it out at Comic Con."

Clearly, some major shit will go down on The Walking Dead and Tom Payne believes it would be better for the fans to experience these moments while watching the episode live rather than having them spoiled in a trailer three months before the season even begins.

As you can see above, the Season 7 Comic-Con trailer wasn't able to show that much footage because they had a huge plot twist in the season premiere and as a result, they had to hide any moments with the cast members who were potential victims. Without a major cliffhanger looming over the season, trailer has the opportunity to be even more in-depth.

In the end, I'm on Tom Payne's side as I believe this upcoming season should be experienced live if it is truly as epic as many actors and producers have claimed. At the same time, I hope to be sitting in Hall H in July and getting my socks blown off by an amazing and exhilarating trailer.

What do YOU guys think of Tom Payne's comments? How much footage should The Walking Dead Comic-Con trailer show off? Discuss below!


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