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Details of the 2018 Tomb Raider movie reboot have been slowly but surely trickling in, and director Roar Uthuag has just announced that filming has officially begun:

This is exciting news for the reboot, especially since it's been 10 years since rumors of a new film first began circulating. Piggybacking on the incredibly successful (and very different) video game reboots, there's high hopes that the next will make up for the abysmal reception for the Cradle of Life sequel that was released back in 2003.

In fact, future Lara Croft actor Alicia Vikander has promised the film will bring a "fresh and new" approach to this origins story.

(Credit: Square Enix)
(Credit: Square Enix)

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Not So Different After All

While the reboot is apparently heading in a very different direction to the original films, it still has one thing in common with Angelina Jolie's action flicks: Exotic locations.

The previous two Tomb Raider films have been shot at locations such as Jökulsárlón in Iceland, Kenya's Amboseli National Park, Ta Prohm temple in Angkor, Cambodia and even Santorini, Greece.

[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]
[Credit: Wikimedia Commons]

And the next stop for the franchise? Cape Town, South Africa. The reboot will star Walton Goggins as the film's villain, and Daniel Wu as Lara Croft's ally. And if their Instagram activity is anything to go by, Wu and Goggins are pretty stoked with the location. Check out some of their lush snaps and get ready to feel a serious case of travel envy:

1. Capetown At Night

2. Soaking Up The South African Sun

3. One Nice View

4. Serious Hike Envy

Do you think the Tomb Raider reboot will be better than the action-packed original?


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