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In 2003, aspiring filmmaker made his film debut with , the story of the saintly Johnny's (Tommy Wiseau) rise and fall after he becomes the victim of the world's injustices. The Room was then heralded as one of the best worst movies ever made, and has since been immortalized in infamy and memes that continue to crop up to this very day.

Believe it or not, the story of Tommy Wiseau and The Room will take its chances and try to make it to the next Academy Awards ceremony - and the chances of this successfully happening are stronger than one may think.

The Tommy Wiseau Experience:

To be more specific, a comedic biopic about Wiseau is being geared up to be a serious contender. Titled and based on the book of the same name by The Room co-star Greg Sestero (who played Mark in The Room), the upcoming biopic will tell the behind-the-scenes story of Wiseau's quest to make The Room and release it in cinemas.

The upcoming biopic will also detail the lives and careers of those involved with The Room, showing what happened to the likes of lead actress Juliette Danielle (who played Lisa in The Room) during and after the movie's release.

The Disaster Artist stars director/producer James Franco as Tommy Wiseau, and his younger brother Dave Franco as Greg Sestero. Other well-known actors who will show up include Zac Efron, Ari Graynor, Seth Rogen, Sharon Stone, and of course, Tommy Wiseau himself.

The Long Road To Disaster

Though the biopic wrapped up shooting some time in 2016 and has been screened in various film festivals since then, The Disaster Artist didn't have an official release date for the longest time, nor did it even get a trailer. This came off as strange and suspicious to some, since critics loved the movie and gave it a strong 92% approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes - and yet, the Tommy Wiseau story has been kept under wraps.

, the distributor of critically acclaimed independent movies such as Ex Machina and Moonlight, saved the day and picked up the biopic. The company confirmed that The Disaster Artist will have a limited release on December 1 and a wide commercial release on December 8 of this year, the month where serious Oscar contenders commonly debut.

Based on the glowing reviews and the standing ovation it received last March in South by Southwest, The Disaster Artist may give the usual Oscar bait a run for their money in the next Academy Awards ceremony.

Considered to be the "Citizen Kane of bad movies," The Room gained a massive cult following thanks to the eccentric writer/producer/director/star Tommy Wiseau, its bad acting, dialogue, and production, and for simply being the perfect blueprint of how not to make a good movie. Take this peculiar scene in which Wiseau's character visits a florists, for example.

For years, fans (ironic and otherwise) wondered how a movie as bad as The Room was even made. Now this 14-year-old question will finally be answered by The Disaster Artist.

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