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Alisha Grauso

Oh, the ideal father. He teaches his son how to ride a bike, be a man, throw a ball, talk to girls, brazenly hit on his son's girlfriend in front of him...

Wait, what?

The multi-talented dropped a new clip from his upcoming directorial debut Don Jon yesterday. In honor of Father's Day, the clip features a father-son bonding moment between Gordon-Levitt's Jon and his dad, played by . Let's just say the bonding is, well...see for yourself:


Can I just say that I love that Tony Danza was cast in this and I love that he plays a lecherous, foul-mouthed, quintessential New Joisey dad? Perfect casting all throughout this movie.

This is one I'm definitely looking forward to, and if you're as eager as I am to see what JGL does with his directorial debut as I am, make sure to [[follow]] along and we'll keep you updated.

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