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I'm sure we've now all emerged from our dingy rooms, eyes red and sore from our Arrested Development Season 4 binges. After the chaos and sheer ludicrousness of the Bluths latest adventures, the world probably seems like a calm and serene place. That is unless you live in Stockholm...

Now that we've seen them all there are only two things to do. Reflect on it and then watch it all over again. Before we lock ourselves away once more, here are my Top 10 Arrested Development Season 4 cameos. Now, some of them are brand new to Season 4, while some of the cameos also popped up in the first three seasons of Arrested Development. Of course, if you haven't seen the entire season yet, this list does contain some spoilers. So, without further adieu, here are the Top 10 Arrested Development Season 4 cameos.

10. John Krasinski as Jerry Bruckheimer's Assistant

's rivalry with was one of the better running jokes of the series. It was made even better by 's blink-and-you'll-miss-it cameo. There was just something rather hilarious about Jerry Bruckheimer refusing to come out of his replica 15th century trading cog.

9. Ed Helms as James Carr the Realtor

actually briefly appeared in season two of Arrested Development so it was delightful to see (the now much bigger star) return for Season 4. Unfortunately, his housing crash induced suicide means we probably won't be seeing him again anytime soon.

8. Terry Crews as Herbert Love

Now, Herbert Love was a despicable right-wing misogynist, but he was also hilarious to watch. Kind of like most right-wing misogynists to be honest...

7. The Workaholics gang as the Airport Employees

I tried to watch Workaholics once, I had to turn it off after about 10 minutes. It really wasn't funny. So, imagine my surprise when , and popped in one of season 4's funniest scenes. I'm still not going to watch Workaholics though...

6. Carl Weathers as Carl Weathers

I don't think anyone was disappointed to see the frugal once again making an appearance in season 4. He immediately returned to his old bargain spotting ways and even offered some almost philosophical advice: "It's better to ask for forgiveness than to beg for permission".

5. James Lipton as Warden Stefan Gentiles

The return of the acting obsessed (and iPad incompetent) Warden Gentiles was another treat for dedicated Arrested Development fans. What was even better was seeing the 86 year old James Lipton wearing a backwards hat and walking in slow motion to 'Simply The Best'. It was quite 'simply the best'.

4. Mary Lynn Rajskub as Heatfire

Although most you might recognize her as Chloe in 24, also has a pretty impressive comedy resume. That resume has now got even more impressive with an Arrested Development credit.

3. Seth Rogan and Kristen Wiig as Young Lucille and George Bluth Sr.

Although seeing 's face pop up on the screen was a surprise, his hilarity wasn't. Both Rogen and perfectly carried off the younger versions of the Bluth families parents.

2. John Beard as John Beard

The legendary news anchor returned to season 4 to once again provide newsworthy commentary on the Bluths' trials and tribulations. He deserves such a high spot partly due to his involvement in one of the season's best scenes: Tobias being caught on John Beard's To Catch A Local Predator.

1. Ben Stiller as Tony Wonder

Did somebody say 'wonder'? I might be cheating here, because I think it's almost fair to say upgraded from cameo star to reoccurring character in his portrayal of Tony Wonder. However, his performance, especially beside G.O.B., was so great, it pretty much deserves every top spot going.

I know I missed a few, but those are my Top 10 Arrested Development Season 4 cameos. Let me know who your favorite character in season 4 was by sticking it down in the comments section below.


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