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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

This year's Emmy Awards were a mixed bag, but despite the excess of eulogies (for stars such as and ), the show managed a lot of laughs.

1) provided plenty of pizazz...

...even if he refused to provide any twerking.

2) and show that they should run for congress...

...then apparently imbibe a pint of gin and forget how stairs work.

3) is all about the Girls, specifically .

I guess she is pretty irresistible in Homeland.

4) adheres to Polonius' dictum that brevity is the soul of wit in the shortest acceptance speech on record.

5) , Neil Patrick Harris and are comin' at ya like Cleopatra.

6) This guy does a weird crab-step photobomb behind Neil Patrick Harris.

...he loses points for forgetting the costume, though.

7) The ceremony honored top TV shows in an extended Showgirls-style dance sequence:

8) Apparently, Stephen Colbert looks for the same thing in a wife as I do.

9) Someone thought it was necessary to get Carrie Underwood to do a cover of 'Yesterday'.

10) Until next year, Emmy fans, is watching you...

Did you love the Emmys this year, or, like Tina Fey, do you just 'come to award shows for the twerking'?



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