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The big question on everyone's lips this week has been: who will be playing Boba Fett in the iconic bounty hunter's new stand-alone spin-off movie? I mean it takes more than a stunt-man to pull off a role that stoic and silent. Disney and LucasFilm are going to have to bring in some hefty talent for that one.

An issue that people seem to not be worrying about is that of the casting a young Han Solo for the Han Solo Movie (Both Fett and Solo stand-alone movies were announced last week.) I know, I know. You're going to shout, "No one cares Will!" and "Jar Jar is the best Star Wars character!", but I respectfully disagree. I believe Han Solo to be a criminally underrated character in the Star Wars universe and I'm super stoked for his stand-alone movie. I don't care if I'm the only one waiting in line for it, I can't wait to see it!

But seriously, my choices for a character who is obviously one of cinema's most beloved are perhaps controversial but I ask that you hear me out before you cry foul. I'm looking for someone who's easy on the eyes, can charm the pants off a princess just by looking at her and embodies that inherent galactic badassness that comes with shooting first.

In no particular order:

An obvious choice since a) every role seems to have his name attached to it these day and b) he actually fits the part pretty well. OK, so Cooper may have a ways to go to look like a young but you'd be hard pressed to find someone who embodies the freewheeling ladies man spirit better than B-Coop. Ninety percent of the roles I've seen Bradley Cooper in have involved him playing a really REALLY attractive guy who comes across as a bit of a scumbag but is actually a good dude who sticks by his crew. For God's sake, the man has already spent two movies buddying around with a Wookie and a whiny robot. The Hangover Part III is out this summer. This would be a genius move for Disney as Cooper now comes with built in box office. He is definitely on their radar.

Likelihood: 9/10 Womp Rats

I've made a career out of pushing Joseph Gordon-Levitt towards roles that he has no interest in pursuing. Yet, clearly the man is destined to become the hipster's Ben Affleck but I still allow myself to dream that one day he will make the jump to vacuous main-stream roles. JGL has shown us his winning charisma in Brick, Looper and 500 Days Of Summer and he's clearly got what it takes to charm a lady, as Inception shows us. As for the bad-ass quotient, check him out attempting to murder his future self in Looper or the stunning zero-gravity fight in Inception. (Note to J.J.: Remake this scene in the Millennium Falcon, shot for shot. That would totally rock.) JGL is the full package: He's young enough to make the role his own and brings a likability the movie MUST have from shot one. As long as Levitt isn't already secretly contracted into Batman, Disney will be talking through his chances right now.

Likelihood: 7/10 Womp Rats

McAvoy makes the list purely because he's fast becoming the go-to young man to play a young version of an older acting legend. First McAvoy managed to play a suitably great twentysomething version of Patrick Stewart in the superb X-Men: First Class and now there's rumors that McAvoy in angling for the role of young Gandalf in a not-likely-to-happen The Silmarillion adaptation. This makes him a winning choice before we even look at his Hanttributes (I just made that up). Charm? McAvoy has it in spades, check him out using his psychosexual powers at the start of First Class or the very end of Wanted. That's charisma you can eat from a spoon. The aforementioned Wanted also brings McAvoy up to the big leagues of violent cinema meaning he could handle a few Clone Troopers if he had to. He's not afraid of jumping onboard a big franchise either. Disney's eyes, I guarantee you, are looking at Mr McAvoy.

Likelihood: 7/10 Womp Rats

Here's my curve ball. You might not be too familiar with Jason Clarke's work, but you will be soon. The young actor's star is on the rise and I think that Han Solo might just be the rocket that could take it into the stratosphere. Clarke wowed me in Zero Dark Thirty with his handsome yet tough exterior coupled with genuine heart and brains concealed deep underneath. I didn't catch any of the charm that Solo is famous for, but the man oozes charisma out of his every pore. A couple of days with Harrison Ford could turn him into the perfect young Solo. Check him out in Zero Dark Thirty and tell me I'm wrong. He's unknown enough that Disney would be able to market him easily and he's coming off some strong industry buzz thanks to ZD30. Clarke for the win.

Likelihood: 7/10 Womp Rats

Do I even need to make any kind of argument here? The man has ALREADY played Han Solo. On a TV show. Captain Malcolm Reynolds of the Firefly class starship Serenity was the modern incarnation of everyone's favorite smuggler. Yes, we can accept we're not getting any more Firefly, but is it not the moment for Fillion to rise up to the role he was born to play? Seriously I think Firefly fans might actually be OK with the series not coming back if they find out that it was just a lengthy audition for the greatest role in the galaxy. This one is too obvious and too perfect to happen.

Likelihood: 4/10 Womp Rats

Those are my picks, and for the first time on one of these Top 5 lists I can say with confidence that I would be delighted if ANY of the above contenders made it into the movie.

Who's your pick for young Han Solo?


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