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Horror Movie crossovers might be rare now, but we’ve had our share of them over the years. Starting as early as the 40’s all the way through to the 2000’s. Even though we’ve had many battles between our beloved icons over the years, there are still some fans that are still eager to see a few face off on the big screen. So here I list the top 5 Horror movie crossovers that NEED to happen.

Michael Myers vs Jason Voorhees

I’m sure most of you reading this knew this was coming; two of the most popular silent slashers have been compared endlessly to this day. But since both are owned by different company’s it looks like that won’t be happening any time soon. But still we can’t help but to wonder, who do you think would win out of these two immortal horror heavyweights?

Freddy Krueger vs Pinhead

Another anticipated match up with no plans of being made in the near future, when will these two talkative icons get their own movie? They both have unlimited powers in their own worlds and are both different from the silent slashers that premiered before them. Again though, ownership seems to be the primary problem here. So unless these company’s start getting their acts together, we might not ever see these two face off on the big screen.

Chuck vs Leprechaun

It only makes sense for the two smallest of the group to go up against each other. But there might be to much of a difference between the two. Chucky is a man in a dolls body that spends most of his time trying to take over the body of a young boy to become human again. Leprechaun on the other hand is a creature with multiple powers on a constant search for ‘his’ gold. So how would Chucky put up with a creature that has multiple abilities like Leprechaun?

Jason Voorhees vs Leatherface

Another two slashers who have actually gone up against each other in a comic book series that was out in the 90’s; but when will they face off in an actual movie? Last I checked they were both under Platinum Dunes which means they could’ve tried to make that movie whenever they felt like it. The two have many common characteristics. They both hide themselves away from humanity, both are dedicated to a member or members of their families, and both will kill anyone who trespasses into their territories. So the only reason I can think of for why these two haven’t faced off is mainly because of a difference in character. Jason is in most of his movies a zombie with a hockey mask, and when he is human it still takes forever to bring him down. As for Leatherface, if he gets an axe to the head or quick slice to the neck then he’s as good as dead, unfortunately.

Michael Myers vs Freddy Krueger

Freddy already faced one silent killing machine, so why not put him up against the other? Another anticipated match up that has dated all the way back to the 80’s. Some might think it would ultimately be the same movie as Freddy vs Jason, but that is far from wrong. Sure Michael Myers and Jason have lots of similarities, but they also have their share of differences. Jason an undead killing machine who rarely uses his head and Michael ultimately the same except he is much smarter than Jason is. So even though they both don’t stand a chance in the dream world, I’m sure it would be a clear victory for Michael in the real world.

Which Horror Movie Crossover Do You Want To See?


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