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American Horror Story is a hugely successful anthology that first hit our screens in 2011 with my personal favorite, Murder House. Each season is based off of something different, yet they often have parallels to other seasons. Each season also has elements of truth and often finds itself basing episodes on real-life events that happened in the past. Usually, we'd know about the new theme every April, when Ryan Murphy decides to grace us with the information we covet every waking day of our lives (don't deny it!). Except, this year we know absolutely nothing. Maybe knowing less has made me more excited for the upcoming season, but I'd be lying if I said I'm enjoying not knowing a thing.

If you're a crazy devoted American Horror Story fan like myself (I held the "best in the UK" title on the American Horror Story QuizUp topic. Don't judge me, I know everything about the show) then you'll understand how heartbreaking it is to have to wait every year for a new season, and how this year its only been harder because we don't know a single thing. Actually, the only thing we do know is Ryan Murphy has been trying to trick us. Out of all of the creative promos he's released, only one of them link to the new season. Thats right! complete confusion. Below is a compilation of the teaser's for this year's theme. Only one more day (who's counting?) until the show airs. I can hardly wait!

So without further ado, lets get to the theories!

1. Charles Manson

We all know about the infamous Charles Manson. One massive fan theory is that the next season of American Horror Story will focus on Charles Manson and what he and his cult followers got up to. This comes from some of the teasers, which some dedicated fans have pointed out, points to the California-based cult. An example of this: As seen below — a scene from a recent teaser zooms in on a creepy looking children's mobile that seems to spell out “PIG.” This word was written on the wall of actress Sharon Tate’s house during her murder in 1969, orchestrated by Charles Manson and his cult.

PIG- Charles Manson.
PIG- Charles Manson.

If that clue wasn't enough to tempt you, there are more! as Vanity Fair so kindly pointed out, the red “6” used in the main promo image hints at a cult. And who was in a cult? Manson of course. To fill your tummies, I'll give you one more clue. In some of the recent promos, they heavily feature spiders. According to this source, Manson took up art during his time in prison and he had one big interest: spiders.

Spider promo's.
Spider promo's.

Click here for a more recent one that was completely spider related!

Also, before we move onto the next theory — did anyone else catch this parallel?

Kit (AHS Asylum S2) - Spider 'Backwalk' promo (AHS ??? S6)
Kit (AHS Asylum S2) - Spider 'Backwalk' promo (AHS ??? S6)

2. Roanoke Colony

Earlier this year, TMZ apparently leaked some pretty hard-hitting evidence that the beloved AHS family were filming at a 16th-century farm. Sure this sounds pretty neat and new, but with the word "croatoan" carved into a tree, does it bring back any fond memories of Season 1? a.k.a. Murder House?

Violet Harmon trying the 'Roanoke spell' in Murderhouse.
Violet Harmon trying the 'Roanoke spell' in Murderhouse.

So, with the knowledge that Ryan Murphy is linking all of the seasons together, Roanoke is a practically a sure bet for this season. The mystery of the lost colony has really confused historians for centuries, as there was no reason for the 117 settlers' disappearance in 1590 and of course, the meaning of croatoan, which was carved into a post at the deserted colony, much like these alleged leaked set photos.

Ryan Murphy wrote in his theory on croatoan's significance in Murder House, where Sarah Paulson's character (Billie Dean Howard), who was a medium, explained that the ghosts of the Roanoke colony were banished from the land after a Native American chief used the word croatoan to send them away, which is what Violet tried to do to get rid of the Halloween-obsessed ghost couple.

A lot links to this theory, so, come Wednesday night, we'll finally be let into the light. Personally, I hope for another theory, as listed below.

3. The Antichrist

A theme that I'm personally hoping is true is the Antichrist. We've met the Antichrist before in the American Horror Story world, and as we know, Murphy has an interest in linking the seasons together, whether that be having the same characters make visits in other seasons (Such as Billie Dean Howard in Season 1 and 5, Queenie, in Season 3 and 5 and Doctor Charles Montgomery in Season 1 and 5). In the final episode of Season 1, we were introduced to the Antichrist (A result from The Rubber Man raping Vivian and impregnating her), leaving so many possibilities to revisit that story. As mentioned earlier, since each season is connected in a variety of ways, this would make sense.

Say hello to Michael Langdon (Son of Tate Langdon, swooooon) AKA The Antichrist
Say hello to Michael Langdon (Son of Tate Langdon, swooooon) AKA The Antichrist

Murphy did reveal at Paleyfest that this season will contain "elements of children," but for now, it would be safe to assume the Antichrist is a full-grown man by now. Though, it goes without saying that they do always enjoy a quick flashback here and there — set in the present but visiting the past. It's very possible that we could pick up where we left off with Michael Langdon.

The show is now in its sixth season, and in August we were graced with a new logo, featuring a six. So there's a strong theme with 666. There's a strong possibility that American Horror Story Season 6 is based on the Antichrist. Maybe I'm just looking too much into this like the crazed fan I am, but I'm willing to put down some bets on the matter.

4. (Thacher?) Boarding School

If anything will involve children, surely it will be a boarding school full of them. The prospect of a boarding school doesn't necessarily sound spooky, but knowing Ryan Murphy, he'll turn a boarding school into the place of our nightmares.

Knowing that American Horror Story always leaves hints in episodes for the next season, Hotel might have dropped a few hints about a boarding school being the next stop on the horror express, as the Thacher school was mentioned twice in the season finale. It could possibly be that this is where Will Drake's son and Jon Lowe's daughter Scarlett both end up going and quite possibly Michael Langdon (if Constance could ever part with him, of course).

American Horror Story S?6 promo- Giving off a 'Children of The Corn' vibe, don't you think?
American Horror Story S?6 promo- Giving off a 'Children of The Corn' vibe, don't you think?

Though, after extensive research, Thacher school really exists and it is very unlikely that Murphy would set a season of AHS at real school in comparison to a completely fictional school where he could have unlimited creative decision-making power. So, Season 6 could take place at another previously mentioned institute for kids: St. Ursula's Home for Lost Children. What's that you ask? well, as the diehard fan I am, I can tell you this is the school where Lana's (Sarah Paulson) and Kit's (Evan Peters) kids were sent in Asylum.

TMZ has released more alleged set photos that show a decrepit old building with a massive school bell outside, and if that doesn't scream children then maybe this creepy doll promo will (Sorry for the nightmares).

If we're going to go all out here, maybe the Roanoke theory and the boarding school theory could meet hand in hand. What if this boarding school was built on their land and could cause hauntings? Another one of the teasers previewed a baby’s crib sitting underneath a mobile of weapons, connoting deadly children? A claw was seen reaching out of the crib too. Could this mean the Countess’ demonic baby is going to pay a visit to the boarding school too? They're all a bit of a stretch, but everything at this point is, considering we don't know anything for sure. Tomorrow evening, all will come to light.

What do you think? leave a comment in the section below to tell me your ideas!

Also a big thank you to the producers and the whole team who work on this show, without you, this whole world wouldn't be possible!

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