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The CW's iZombie has been on air since 2015, and in that time, Medical Examiner and quirky Zombie Liv has cooked up a ton of brains! Unlike the zombies of other works of fiction who often consume their brains bloody and fresh from a freshly cracked skull, 's Liv prefers a much finer dining experience with her meals. Incorporating the freshly extracted brains into everyday meals, Liv has managed to cook up 26 brain meals over 3 Seasons of iZombie, some of which (almost) look good enough to eat.

She's made a conscious effort never to cook the same meal twice, and though her Season 1 recipes were pretty basic in terms of preparation, her skills as a brain connoisseur have really grown with the seasons. For now though, keep reading to see which surprisingly appetising meals have made it into the top 5!

5. Brain Omelette

Breakfast Brains, hmm

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Nothing beats a good breakfast, so the number five spot goes Liv's brain omelette from Season 2 Episode 5. Expertly slicing a brain into small pieces, Liv adds it to her pre-chopped peppers and zucchini before folding the omelette in half and serving with a side of hot sauce. As far as cooked meals go, this one's pretty simple, but kudos to Liv for never repeating a recipe.

4. Brain Sushi (with Soy Sauce)

Roll 'em up

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

In fourth place is one of Liv's more complex recipes. Made at the beginning of Season 2 Episode 12, Liv's Sushi is easily one of her best recipes to date- so much so, that she Instagrams it immediately after making it. For her sushi, Liv takes some freshly cut slices of brain on top of her sushi rice, before rolling and slicing; she also makes a soy sauce dip with a little spice to accompany it. Though she hasn't made it since, if it was good enough for the 'gram, it's good enough for this list.

3. Deep-Fried Brain Bites (with Hot Sauce)

Nothing beats nuggets.

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Speaking of Season 2, in the fourth episode of the season, Liv makes what is probably one of her most unhealthy — but delicious — meals to date. Mixing up a simple batter (with a little seasoning, of course), Liv cuts the brain into tiny bite size pieces before mixing them into the batter and deep frying. Draining off any excess oil, she then serves her deep-fried brain bites with a beaker of hot sauce as dip. In terms of preparation, it's one of Liv's more complex recipes, and therefore deserving of third place on this list.

2. Brain Balls

All the meat you could hope for

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

The runner-up meal on this list takes us to the first episode of Season 2, as Liv cooks up a hearty meal of spaghetti and meatballs. She grinds the meat, as we've seen her do many times before on the show, and then browns it in a pan before adding sauce. She cooks her spaghetti, and when both components for the meal are done, serves and tucks in. She eats the entire dish in this episode, so we can assume the hearty meal was a super delicious start to her day, and deserving of second place on this list!

1. The Ultimate Brain Burger (with Bacon, Tomatoes, Cheese a TON of Hot Sauce)

The best of the bunch

'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]
'iZombie' [Credit: The CW, Netflix]

Taking the top spot in Liv's theoretical recipe book (she should totally make one!) is the grand Brain Burger she made in Episode 13 of Season 2! Made up of a thick Brain patty, topped with cheese, tomato, lettuce, bacon and hot sauce, Liv's epic burger rounds out this list in the top spot. Whilst a burger isn't the most technically difficult thing to make, Liv does make this one entirely from scratch, and her array of toppings and extras earn her indulgent burger the number 1 spot!

Of course, this list comprises only a small sub-section of Liv's recipes, so be sure to watch as she continues to add to her arsenal and tune into Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. For us international fans, we can tune in Wednesdays on Netflix, and if you ever need a catch-up, be sure to check out the weekly episode re-caps!


Which recipe was your favorite?

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