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(WARING: Spoilers lurk in this article. You have been warned)

Another year, another season — the screams and nightmares are finally over. American Horror Story: Roanoke had some of the most gruesome deaths in history. Fans are going to have to wait (presumably) a whole year for Season 7 — although news is circulating that it could be much sooner than the usual October release. So until any news breaks, let's relive all the bloodshed that came within the blood moon cycle of Roanoke. Here is a quick recap of the top 10 most gruesome and memorable deaths from this year's terrifying installment.

10. Lee Harris (Adina Porter)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 10

In what was arguably the most underwhelming season finale of American Horror Story, Lee — the sole survivor of the bloodshed at Roanoke — finally meets her end. After her court dates (found not guilty of murder) and an interview gone wrong with the iconic , Lee finds herself back in the Roanoke house searching for her missing daughter. She is joined on the grounds with Ashley Gilbert, who played psychic Cricket Marlow in the re-enactment of the show, and a crew from a reality TV show called Spirit Chasers. It isn't long before the bloodshed resumes.

Everyone is killed except for Lee, who ends up locating her missing daughter Flora, who wants to stay at Roanoke to protect her young ghost friend Priscilla from the Butcher. Lee argues with her and ultimately — in an act of true love for her daughter — decides to sacrifice herself to stay and protect Priscilla. Suddenly, the farmhouse is set on fire, and as Flora walks out to safety the entire farmhouse explodes. Flora is driven off by police and watches as the ghost of Lee waves goodbye before walking off with Priscilla into the woods. Even if you hated Lee or the cliche of a mother's love, this did tug at your heartstrings.

9. Agnes Mary Winstead (Kathy Bates)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 7

The actress that literally became her character. Agnes played The Butcher in the re-enactment version of the show. Agnes became obsessed with her role as The Butcher and even took to the streets of Hollywood attacking people. With hopes that she could return for the next season of the show, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, producer Sydney informs her that she is in fact banned from the production, ordering her to remain 150 meters away. Enraged by the fact that she couldn't return, Agnes dons her Butcher attire and goes to Roanoke.

There, she taunts and attacks the cast multiple times, even killing Sydney and members of his team. She decides to burn the farmhouse down but is shocked to find the Lost Colony and the real Butcher behind her. In a comical-esque scene, Agnes falls to her knees in pure admiration of "her maker," but she ain't having it! The Butcher raises her clever and strikes Agnes right in the middle of her head. Blood squirts everywhere. She just wanted to be on TV dammit!

8. Rory Monahan (Evan Peters)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 6

The death that upset every Evan Peters fan. Rory portrayed the original owner of the Roanoke farmhouse, Edward Philippe Mott in the re-enactments. While working on the show, Rory fell in love with Shelby re-enactor, Audrey Tindall. The couple married soon after the first season, however, their love was cut short (literally).

On the first night of the Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell, Audrey gets a scare from the Piggy Man. Thinking it is Sydney messing with the participants, Rory runs upstairs with intention of kicking ass (because no one messes with his love.) However, when he goes to case out the area, Piggy Man is nowhere to be found. With a shut of the closet door, the ghost of the murder nurses brutally end Rory by repeatedly stabbing and slashing him to death. Turns out he will have to "eternally love the shit out" of Audrey from the after-life.

7. Elias Cunningham (Denis O'Hare)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 5

"I am not crazy! I am an academic. I am an author." We hardly ever saw the real Elias, as much of his story was shown through found footage re-enactments by actor William van Henderson (Denis O'Hare). Elias came to Roanoke in 1997 to research the former murder nurses who were living in the house when it was an assisted living facility in 1989. While focusing on their heinous murders to write "a true crime novel in the vein of Helter Skelter," Elias is soon plagued by the spirits of the house. Having been driven to the edge of insanity, he goes to live in the tunnel cellar outside the house for two months.

Elias meets his demise at the hands of the Polk Family. When Shelby and Matt are captured and taken to the Polk family barn, they find Elias — who has survived his earlier wounds of being shot with arrows when the three of them were in the woods searching for Flora. Elias's legs have been cut off and made into beef jerky by Mama Polk, but she isn't satisfied by her jerky. Claiming his meat is "rancid," Mama Polk says there is no use in keeping him around. Obeying his mother's orders, Lot Polk smashes his head in — not the last head bashing we will see on this list.

6. Monet Tumusiime (Angela Bassett)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 9

Sassy to the end. Monet played Lee Harris in the re-enactment version of the show. Audrey, Lee and Monet are all captured and tormented by the Polk family, when the trio go into the woods to find Sydney and his crew to seek help for Shelby after she is attacked by Agnes. Monet escapes the terrifying ordeal with Audrey and a tape of Lee confessing that she killed her husband.

Not knowing where Lee is, the two of them run back to the farmhouse for safety (or so they think). Relaxing in the upstairs bedroom with alcohol in hand, Monet and Audrey hear are noise outside the door (it's Lee), but plot twist: She has been possessed by Scáthach (the witch from the woods). Monet confronts a bewildered Lee, who is staring blankly at Audrey. Suddenly, Lee grabs Monet and pushes her over the rails of the staircase. Monet ends up impaled by a wooden shaft. Some would say this was a callback to the death of Season 2 character, Sister Mary Eunice, where she is thrown over a staircase rail, falling to her death. We see you, Ryan Murphy.

5. Matt Miller (André Holland)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 7

A pharmaceutical sales representative that just wanted a fresh start with his wife Shelby. The Millers were the reason My Roanoke Nightmare was even made, as they moved into the farmhouse and were constantly attacked by the spirits that inhabited the land. They managed to narrowly escape death multiple times and leave the property, yet they both agreed to come back to shoot the follow-up documentary, Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell.

As you can tell, things didn't end well for the Millers this time. When Matt confesses that his love for the witch Scáthach was the reason he came back to Roanoke, a jealous and enraged Shelby picks up a crowbar and bashes Matt's head until he is no longer recognizable. The scene cuts back and forth from close-up shots of Shelby swinging the crowbar, and wider shots so we can see the damage being done to Matt. Yes! His yogi soulmate turned ex-wife, bashed the crap out of him — someone call Negan from .

4. Shelby Miller (Lily Rabe)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 8

Poor Shelby. Honestly though, even if she annoyed you, she didn't seem to catch a break anywhere — except with her ankle! Those who remember Shelby getting her ankle smashed by Mama Polk should appreciate that joke. Anyhow, Shelby really did get the shit end of the stick...that Mama Polk was holding before she swung and broke her ankle! OK, OK, I will stop. Shelby ended up having a one-off affair with Matt's re-enactment actor, Dominic Banks, and agrees to the Return to Roanoke: Three Days in Hell with intentions of fixing things with Matt. Again, as you have just read, things DID NOT end well for the Millers.

After bashing in Matt's head, a distraught and wildly upset Shelby is whisked off by Dominic to the upstairs bathroom. They are interrupted by yells from Agnes coming from outside the bedroom window. They watch as she is killed by The Butcher. As Dominic and Shelby try to escape, every ghost in the house appears. They retreat back into the bathroom, but not before Shelby's ankle is crushed once again — this time from a fallen chandelier. At this point, Shelby is completely broken. She weeps to Dominic, saying, "I killed the only man I have ever loved. I took his life with my own hands. There's no place left for me." Then, in what felt like minutes (but in reality was only 18 seconds of intense silence), Shelby lifts a knife and slits her throat. Too much blood bleeds out before Dominic can save her.

3. Audrey Tindall (Sarah Paulson)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 9

The slightly self-obsessed actress that Agnes always wanted to be, Audrey played Shelby in the re-enactments of the show. Many weren't all too sure of Paulson's British accent choice for Audrey, yet you can't deny that she delivered some great one-liners. Upon discovering Shelby's dead body, she cries out, "Poor Shelby! I feel like a part of me has died with her!" Hilariously done.

After a possessed Lee kills Monet, Audrey manages to stab Lee, allowing her to make a run for it to the tunnel cellar that Elias lived in, but we all know luck is hardly ever in the cards. Lee manages to locate Audrey before she can make her way down the ladder. Lee stabs her in the shoulder before kicking her off the ladder and shutting her in. The next morning police are on the scene. Audrey manages to climb out of the cellar, where police rescue her. Not knowing what she had done the previous night, Lee attempts to walk over and comfort an angered Audrey. In a scene similar to Season 1 character, Tate Langdon's death, Audrey reaches for an officer's gun, intending to kill Lee, and yells, "You fucking murderer!" Every officer on site shoots at Audrey. She is instantly killed. Guess she really wasn't "used to all this carnage."

2. Edward Philippe Mott (Evan Peters)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 5

The original owner of the Roanoke farmhouse, Edward Philippe Mott was a wealthy aristocratic that built the house to hold all of his prized art pieces in 1792. For anyone wondering, yes, Edward Philippe Mott is an ancestor of Season 4 characters Gloria and Dandy Mott. As stated in the episode, "madness always ran in the family."

Mott would spend his time collecting more art and making out with Guinness, Mott's slave and lover. suddenly struck when Edward woke to find that all of his art and sculptures had been destroyed by The Butcher. Furious, Edward blamed the entire thing on his slaves and ordered one of them to confess. When no one came forward, Edward locked them in the tunnel cellar. The next night, The Butcher returned with the colony and took Edward from his bed. As she always says, the land is hers. Edward is then impaled with a wood shaft and burned alive. Incredibly grisly, but not enough to beat out the next death (which was oddly similar).

1. Sophie Green And Milo (Taissa Farmiga And Jon Bass)

Episode Of Death: Chapter 9

Three stereotypical fans of the whole My Roanoke Nightmare event, Sophie, Milo and Todd arrive on the Roanoke land with camera helmets looking for their 15 minutes in the spotlight. They stumble upon the car wreck and body of Diana, Sydney's assistant who went "missing." The teens go to the police and report what they have seen. The police think they are pulling a prank and tell them not to go back. Do you really think three millennial, fame-hungry fans are going to listen to the cops? Nope.

Trouble ensues shortly after the teens arrive back on the property. Lee, who has just been possessed by the witch, kills Todd. Horrified, Sophie and Milo run for their lives and end up at the production trailer. Sophie and Milo realize that everyone apart of the production is, in fact, dead, and the only survivors are Monet and Audrey — who they can see inside the house on the monitors. Sophie convinces Milo that they should try and save Monet and Audrey because Lee is coming. Would you let your favorite celebrity die before your eyes? Maybe rethink your answer after reading what comes next.

Left to right: Milo, Sophie, Todd
Left to right: Milo, Sophie, Todd

Obviously, their brave plan ended in failure. When scouting the area surrounding the house, Sophie and Milo are caught by the colony and dragged towards a burning fire in front, where both Lee and The Butcher stand. Sophie begs for their lives, but soon realizes that none of that will work. Milo tells Sophie that he just wants to go home, and Sophie apologizes for getting them into this mess. Members of the colony bring Sophie and Milo to their knees, where long wooden stakes are then shoved up their backsides. They are then burned alive. The thing that made this scene all the more spine chilling is that the audience is kept in first person view as the stakes are driven through their bodies and set alight!

You got it! The No. 1 spot for the most gruesome death of Season 6 isn't from the main cast, but from two minor characters who appeared briefly and died in the same episode. A juicy homecoming for AHS alumni Taissa Farmiga, who has been absent from the show since playing a witch on Season 3. Coincidentally, Sophie and Milos's death were very similar to witches burning at the stake! Despite similarities to Edward Philippe Mott's death, it was surprisingly the only death that made me audibly say WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK!

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