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After the success of Netflix's Marvel shows Daredevil, Jessica Jones, and Luke Cage, and the anticipated Iron Fist, the series will all conclude with the highly wanted and needed mini-series, which will include all the heroes mentioned above teaming up to defeat crime in NYC.

With an amazing cast that is already on board — which, other than and , includes the likes of beloved characters , played by , and as , and even newcomer legend — the show seems to be a guaranteed hit. However, even with the killer cast of characters, there are some important heroes that are not yet in the lineup.

Because of that, here are my top 5 heroes that need to at least be hinted in 's The Defenders.

1. Hellcat

Even though Trish Walker, also known as ' best friend, already appears and is confirmed for two episodes of the series, we have yet to see her dawn her yellow and blue skintight costume.

A natural athlete, Patricia (Patsy) Walker was trained in the martial arts by Beast and Moondragon, and helped out the to begin her superheroine days. As everybody knows, Trish has always been fascinated with powers and heroism (as we saw her train in the show), and always wants to be involved.

In the comics, Hellcat is a highly trained, longtime member of the Defenders, and while it is unlikely that we will get to see that in two episodes, I think that at least a nudge at her superhero existence will be truly great.

2. Moon Knight

A long awaited street-level hero, is probably the single most wanted hero when it comes to joining the Netflix Marvel Universe. Sometimes considered Marvel's much more brutal answer to Batman, Moon Knight's sick vigilante justice is a perfect fit to the series.

In the comics, he is Marc Spector, a strong and skilled combatant who uncovers an ancient statue of the Egyptian moon god known as Khonshu. He is then beaten up and taken to a temple, where his heart stops. Khonshu appears in front of him and offers him a second chance, becoming the god's avatar on earth.

Moon Knight's entire theme perfectly fits into the atmosphere of Marvel's New York. He is dark, ruthless and deadly, and I truly think that the series will not be fully complete without his inclusion.

3. Cloak And Dagger

Even though they are technically two characters, Cloak and Dagger are perhaps the most underrated street-level heroes of all. The live incarnations of light and dark, the crime fighting duo would be a more than an interesting addition to the Defenders universe.

Originally meeting as runaways in NYC, their mutant powers were triggered by an experimental drug that was injected into them. They then took on the mantle of , fighting drug-related crimes to defend other runaways.

The inclusion of the due can totally change the face of the defenders universe, adding much flashier powers to the mix. Being set in NY as well, even just hinting and the duo will totally set up to their apparently coming up show in 2018.

4. She-Hulk

In one of my previous articles, I stated that She-Hulk should totally replace Hulk in the MCU one day, however, I now think that she is a much better fit for the Netflix universe than she is to the cinematic one.

Jennifer Walters needed an immediate blood transfusion from her cousin, none other than Bruce Banner himself, also known as Hulk. After the transfer, Walters became just as green and almost as strong as her cousin, but got to keep her intellect and calmness, taking on the mantle of

Considering she is a lawyer, Jennifer Walters would fit much better in Daredevil's universe. It will be a feast to see two of Marvel's best lawyers battling it out at court. Also, adding her to the mix of the small screen has the potential to satisfy all audiences, as Hulk can stay on the big screen while Walters operates on a smaller scale with the defenders.

5. Namor The Sub-Mariner

While he is now impactful in the X-Men stories, , also known as Sub Mariner, was also one of the founding members of the Defenders, along with Doctor Strange, Hulk, and Silver Surfer. And while his rights have been a bit problematic recently, many Marvel fans have been waiting for him for quite awhile.

Namor is the son of a human investigator and an Atlantean princess. While he maintained his main human features, Namor also maintains his mother's Atlantean abilities, becoming much more powerful when in contact with water. He has superhuman strength, speed, and durability when in water, as well as the ability to fly.

Seeing Namor and his Atlantean army in the show can be a great nod to the comics and a very pleasing move for fans. Since his dot on the map in Iron Man, many fans have been waiting to see the studio hinting at his existence once again, which can totally be done even with the slightest cameo in the Defenders show.

What do you think? Which other hero should make an appearance in The Defenders? Did I miss anybody? Make sure to check out my other posts and join to make your own!


Which Hero Should Appear On Netflix's 'The Defenders'?


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