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Justice League is less than two months away and like Batman v Superman (BVS), its first test screening was a raging success. But we all know how BVS turned out. Screening reviews from die-hard fans don't always set the right expectations for the average moviegoer. So we wait patiently, praying for another win off the high heels of Wonder Woman's success. Fortunately, the answers to many of our questions can be reasonably assessed by watching the 8-10 minutes of trailer footage already released.

Whether willfully or accidentally, Warner Bros. seems to have provided us with more than enough clues to piece together a "play by play" of the upcoming movie. That said, I must iterate the need for caution when reading the following theories and predictions. Studios have been known to drop false Easter Eggs or provide other misleading clues to keep audiences guessing. The predictions are only conjecture and we have no guarantee they will pan out.

5. It's Cyborg Reflected In Alfred's Glasses, Not Green Lantern Or Superman

There has been a great deal of speculation over the final scene in Justice League trailer #3. Most fans are convinced the reflection in Alfred's glasses is green, hinting toward the appearance of a Green Lantern. But if you watch this segment of the trailer again, you might notice a blueish tint, similar to the light generated by Cyborg's helmet. There are three other important factors to note here as well:

  • Prior to seeing the unknown figure in the trailer, Alfred hears footsteps that are heavy enough to shake the drink in his glass. This segment is reminiscent of the T-Rex scenes in Jurassic Park.
  • We can distinctly hear mechanical movements and an electronic energy hum.
  • While trailers show Batman recruiting Aquaman and The Flash, Cyborg appears to be hiding out until his Mother Box is remotely activated. Batman likely suspected Cyborg's technology was related to the Mother Box and was expecting him to show up at some point.

Take a look at the trailer segment above with this information in mind.

4. Wonder Woman Attempts To Fill Superman's Shoes

Wonder Woman [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Wonder Woman [Credit: Warner Bros.]

The 2017 Comic-con trailer asks the question "Where is the Gotham Bat?" Fans can easily conclude he is out searching for recruits. In the meantime, is shown actively stopping crime. It isn't a stretch to imagine Diana stepping in to take Superman's place as a beacon of hope. Die hard comic book fans will remember many heroes attempting to fill Superman's shoes during DC's Death of Superman story line in 1992.

Warner Bros. also wants to capitalize on Diana's popularity so it is a good bet they will start off the movie with an adrenaline-pumping Wonder Woman action scene. Needless to say, we can expect to see a lot of the heroine in the movie as both a leader in battle and as Diana Prince.

3. Steppenwolf Kills Green Lantern, Who May Or May Not Be a Villain

Steppenwolf is a brilliant military strategist and is none other than Darkseid's uncle. It shouldn't be surprising to think he would wait for Earth to be vulnerable before mounting an attack. To that end, the communion and asylum scenes in BVS tell us Lex Luther sent out a beacon notifying the entire universe of Superman's death. That detail is reaffirmed by Steffenswolf's narration in the JL Comic-con trailer:

"No protectors here. No Lanterns, no Kryptonian... This world will fall like the others."

The only remaining question is how Steppenwolf knows there isn't a Green Lantern protecting Earth. Many fans have speculated that Steppenwolf has either captured or killed the Green Lantern assigned to our sector. Between these two scenarios, it is more likely Steppenwolf is manipulating the reigning Green Lantern or has captured him to siphon the ring's energy.

Fan theory discussed on reports this possibility along with pointing out the similarities between Green Lantern's costume and Parademon armor. Either scenario would set up the premise for Steppenwolf to kill an alien Green Lantern and free up the ring to seek a human bearer such as Hal Jordan.

2. Aquaman Joins The League After Atlantis Is Attacked

Aquaman [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Aquaman [Credit: Warner Bros.]

As seen in trailers thus far, Bruce is very clear about Aquaman's refusal to join the League. This is to be expected considering Arthur's loyalties are always with Atlantis first. Let us face facts here: 'Aqua' comes before 'Man' for a reason with this character. He doesn't particularly like most land-dwellers. You know, since we keep polluting the oceans he has sworn to protect.

However, we do get a glimpse of a fierce battle in Atlantis mid-way through the most recent trailer. We also see Steppenwolf's Elektro-Ax in the scuffle. There is little doubt Steppenwolf attacks Atlantis to retrieve one of the 3 Mother Boxes left on Earth. And as we have seen in the comics, Aquaman will stop at nothing to protect Atlantis. In this case, joining the League will be his best and only option.

1. Steppenwolf Needs All Three Earthbound Mother Boxes To Terraform Earth

Steppenwolf close up [Credit: Warner Bros.]
Steppenwolf close up [Credit: Warner Bros.]

Many elements of the movie seem very similar to the story told in the animated feature Justice League: War (2014), where we saw Victor Stone's body merge with a Mother Box. In the feature, Darkseid attempted to terraform the Earth, ripening it for take over. Cyborg's ability to interface with Apokoliptic technology ultimately saved the day. Many of the hints and Easter Eggs seen so far would indicate the Justice League movie will follow the same plot line, except with Steppenwolf leading the invasion.

The Justice League trailers also show Steppenwolf locating the Mother Boxes in Themyscira and Atlantis. That leaves Cyborg's Mother Box as the most likely obstacle to his plan. Assuming all three are required for a full scale invasion or for Terraforming Earth, Steppenwolf would have to go through the League to accomplish his goals. Alternately, the League's plan would also hinge on Cyborg's ability to use his own Mother Box and technology to send Steppenwolf's army back to Apokolips.

Justice League hits theaters November 17.

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