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Another day, another astonishing wig atop Nicole Kidman's head. The first trailer for Season 2 of Top Of The Lake, subtitled China Girl, just arrived, and it's fair to say we could be looking at the best TV show of 2017.

In the unforgettably brilliant first season of Top Of The Lake, Elisabeth Moss's police detective Robin Griffin made the reluctant journey home to the small New Zealand town of Laketop, where a pregnant 12-year-old girl had gone missing. The six-episode mystery series from director Jane Campion was a haunting, unbearably tense masterpiece which didn't exactly sugar-coat its brutal subject matter.

Four years on, China Girl picks up in Australia, where the body of a prostitute washes up in a suitcase on Sydney's Bondi Beach, prompting an investigation which takes Robin deep into the city's sex trade. Check out the first trailer for Season 2 below.

Nicole Kidman, who's gunning for every award going in 2017, plays the adoptive mother of Mary, the baby Robin gave up at birth for adoption, and Gwendoline Christie (or Brienne of Tarth, if you prefer) is a colleague of Robin's in the Syndey PD.

The mystery of the dead girl on the beach is complicated by the fact that Mary's boyfriend is a German involved in the brothel at the centre of the investigation. Needless to say, things are going to get very personal and very ugly as the investigation heats up.

Excited? You should be, but you've got a while to wait — Top Of The Lake returns to Sundance Channel (and BBC in the UK) this September. And, for all you streaming addicts, the series will also be available on Hulu after its airing!

Will you be watching the mystery unfold in Top Of The Lake: China Girl?


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