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(Warning: The following article contains spoilers for Season 1 & 2 of The Flash.)

In a little less than a week The Flash will finally return with its third season. Barry's controversial decision to save his mom came as a surprise to the audience. It's safe to say that people were confused, with some fans even being very upset with this particular turn of events. Fear not though, I am here to hopefully get you excited for the Flash Season 3, and luckily there is a lot to be excited for.

5. Lighter Tone

Yes, although Season 1 was much lighter than Arrow, Season 2 went a little down the dark path itself. For those who didn't appreciate that, don't worry, because Season 3 is more likely to get back up and into a lighter tone.

4. The Big Bads

OK, I think the show has seen a fair few speedsters already and guess what? We are getting yet another speedster villain, but don't worry — he won't be the only Big Bad (we are also getting Dr. Alchemy). Hopefully this gives us a fresh sort of feel to the show and doesn't feel completely bloated, despite being 23 episodes long.

3. The Massive Crossover

Over the past two years we have seen Barry crossover with The Green Arrow, but now the universe is extended we will be getting a four-night crossover between The Flash, Supergirl, Arrow and Legends Of Tomorrow. Little is known, but expect to see some special stuff as it will be Arrow's 100th episode.

2. The Flashes

We are finally going to get to see Barry team up with Wally as The Flash and Kid Flash. There goal will to be to bring down the rival. Get excited 'cause it's going to be awesome. That's all that needs to be said.

1. Flashpoint

So if you know about Flashpoint then you probably know why its No. 1 — it's the most anticipated storyline to hit the show and looks to change everything. If you are worried about it lasting the whole season then don't — it's only going to be a few episodes, with ripples throughout the season.

Check out the teaser for Season 3 in the video below:

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