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Brian Salisbury

Welcome back from Purgatory, !

THR is reporting that the former That 70s Show star is set to headline the upcoming supernatural thriller Home, which will be produced by 's Blumhouse and distributed by Universal. (Last House on the Left) is slated to direct.

The plot revolves around a young man (Grace) who, shortly after being released from an asylum, inherits a mansion from his deceased parents. But wouldn't you know it, the mansion appears to be haunted.

A haunted mansion? So Topher inherited property in the middle of The Magic Kingdom?

In all seriousness, I like Topher Grace, and he seemed sort of unfairly forced into the wings after the first couple of attempts to make him a leading man were unsuccessful. Plus, if there is one company I trust to produce an effective haunted house flick, it's Blumhouse. Blum has been behind Paranormal Activity, Insidious, and Sinister; his track record more than speaks for itself.

What do you guys think?


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