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Game of Thrones can be very bleak at times, but the show still manages to find moments of levity in even the direst circumstances. The most recent episode of Season 7, "Beyond the Wall," was extremely nerve-racking but it did bring us one of the best character pairings to date: Tormund Giantsbane and The Hound.

Whether it was Tormund talking about having giant babies with Brienne of Tarth, or The Hound teaching his ginger friend a new word for male genitalia, the new odd couple became a fan-favorite pairing almost instantly.

The actors who play Tormund (Kristofer Hivju) and The Hound (Rory McCann) have amazing chemistry on-screen, and they are pals in real life as well. Thanks to an Instagram post from Hivju, fans got to see the two actors' antics on the set of Game of Thrones — and it is the best thing you will see all week.

Kristofer Hivju and Rory McCann Sing On The Set Of Game Of Thrones

The Instagram video above begins with Rory McCann sitting alone in his trailer, as he begins to play the song "Yellow Bird" by Roger Whittaker. McCann’s lovely vocals almost distract you from realizing that he is in full make-up, but in fact, he is on the set of Game of Thrones ready to transform into a gravelly voiced badass at any moment.

As McCann continues to sing and play the guitar like an angel, the camera begins to pull back ... when, out of nowhere, Kristofer Hivju pops into the frame. We're then treated to the wonderful Tormund and The Hound musical collaboration that we never knew we wanted.

McCann is an exceptional musician — even if he is just goofing around with his buddy — but the fact they are jamming out to the 1970s easy listening sounds of Roger Whitaker is rather surprising. It’s doubtful that we will ever see Tormund and The Hound sing on Game of Thrones, but if Ed Sheeran makes another cameo, maybe he could team up with them and bring peace to Westeros through the power of music?

Apart from the silliness of the video, it shows us that to two actors' on-screen chemistry comes from their real-life friendship. Thanks to social media, we have seen several behind-the-scenes moments during the shooting of Game of Thrones, including Kit Harrington pretending to be a dragon, but the musical styling of Tormund and The Hound may be the best to date.

The Game of Thrones Season 7 finale airs Sunday, August 27, on HBO.

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