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To avoid fainting, keep repeating 'It's only a movie...It's only a movie...'
Jancy Richardson

Ever since Toy Story of Terror was announced, fans have been excited. The first ten minutes were screened at the D23 expo to wild applause. Now, the special is due to be aired and excitement amongst animation fans is reaching fever pitch. Here's a sneak peek below:


The 30-minute Toy Story of Terror special has been roundly touted as a triumph, carrying many horror movie nods to delight the more mature viewer, with Alien, Psycho, Vacancy and even Hostel referenced throughout.

Toy Story of Terror manages to stay true to the series, rather than merely taking the characters and plunging them into a lot of new nonsense willy-nilly. New toys - such as the awesome Pez Cat and Lego Rabbit - are introduced deftly, so it never feels like new faces are being hauled in to spice up a tired formula. This consistency of quality is partly due to keeping a lot of loyal creators involved with the project: Toy Story of Terror was written and directed by veteran Pixar buff Angus MacLane.

Are you looking forward to seeing the Toys take on Terror? Toy Story of Terror is released October 16 on ABC. You could always record it and watch it at Halloween...



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