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'There's always someone younger and hungrier coming down the stairs after you.'
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There are certain things in life that you just shouldn't be exposed to, like nuclear waste, or Justin Bieber. But sometimes, you just get accidentally infected and there's nothing you can do about it. There's no way to reverse the effects, there's no way to unlearn what you've learned.

Well now, in this horrifying new fan theory, what we've learned about Andy may cause you irrecoverable damage. Please, proceed with caution.

A Dark Secret About 'Toy Story's' Andy, Lies In This Clip:

In this clip taken from the original 1994 Toy Story movie, we see Andy's army of green soldiers escape from his bedroom and look down from the second floor as the guests of his birthday party begin to arrive. Or do we?

Take a good hard look at what you see through one of the soldier's binoculars — things are certainly not as happy-go-lucky as they seem.

*Spoiler Alert* Andy's Party Guests All Have The Same Sinister Face

Toy Story [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]
Toy Story [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]

Yes, that's right. Take a second look through those binoculars and it soon becomes apparent that all of Andy's friends have exactly the same face. Whether he's just friends with a group of identical quadruplets, a gaggle of neighborhood clones or perhaps they are the product of his over active imagination, we as of yet have no confirmation.

One thing's for certain though, their haunting clone-child stare will penetrate your mind for all eternity:

Toy Story [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]
Toy Story [Credit: Pixar Animation Studios]

Look Familiar? Yes, The Creepy Clones Even Look Like Evil Sid

To make matters even worse, the clones share a shocking resemblance to Andy's twisted, sociopathic neighbor, Sid Phillips. Could it be a prophecy that all of Andy's childhood friends would grow up to become evil little monsters? Or perhaps Andy was so traumatized by his neighboring bully that he just saw the potential for all of his friends to turn into a 'Sid,' and therefore it was a reminder to himself to keep his distance.

Either way, this one is going to leave us scratching our heads to infinity, and beyond.


Why do you think all of Andy's friends have the same face?


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