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As far as fan theories go, there have been some doozies in the past few years: Bane was on Batman's side all along. Carl keeps his hair long because of his mom. Andy's mom owned Jessie. Harry Potter turned the Dursleys into heartless monsters. Some of those have come almost as close to breaking the internet as Kim's butt did, especially Jon Negroni's Pixar Theory, the OG granddaddy of modern fan theories.

Well, a few years ago, imgur user jimmylegs50, a.k.a. John Wray, came up with this less internet shattering, more fun and -related theory. I updated it a bit for the current story, but here's the gist:

'Toy Story' And 'The Walking Dead' Are The Same Story!

Let's just jump head first into this, shall we?

The main guy, the hero, is a sheriff

He's the leader of a rag-tag, sometimes grumpy group

His best friend is a super alpha dog macho man of the law

The sheriff totally loves his kid

Who he fears will grow up too quick

There's also a hat

One day, it seems his kid is growing fond of his macho best friend

Sheriff doesn't like this

He fights his best friend under a truck

And "kills" him


Someone poisoned the waterhole!

But Wait, There's More! We Even Get A Second Season/Movie

In the second season/story, we get a singing/yodeling cowgirl

And a white-haired old guy with a walking stick or two

In the third, they discover a seemingly perfect gated community

Just going to leave this one here

The psychotic leader of the community is devastated by the loss of his little girl

The blonde realizes she's been sleeping with the enemy

Eventually, we meet a destructive little kid who needs some serious counseling

Arms are lost

Eye patches are rocked

Hey look...another Jessie

There's a dumpster of death

Tons of things get burned alive/dead

It Needed Updated With Negan And Lucille, However

And now, after all of that...some jerk wants it all, and will do whatever it takes to get it.

Plus, the sicko keeps Polaroids...

What a ride!

The original Zombie Story is here, but it needed a little Negan. It doesn't quite live up to The Pixar Theory, but you have to admit, it was fun!

Until you see that. Aw...

Or hey, it could even be a sitcom:

Not enough Toy Story/The Walking Dead fan theory awesomeness for you? Keep reading for more!


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