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Mark Newton

and are teaming up again, and this time they're in prison! But, no this isn't any old normal prison, it's a super hi-tech perspex prison that would put Jeremy Bentham's Panopticon to shame.

Escape Plan (formerly known as The Tomb) is the latest action adventure from Road House 2: Last Call director . From the looks of the latest trailer, they'll be no shortage of ridiculous action, cliched one-liners and distracting facial air. Check it out below:


Will this be Rambo/The Terminator crossed with The Shawshank Redemption? Well, possibly, although I get the feeling Escape Plan might veer much more on the Rambo/The Terminator side of the spectrum. I mean Andy Dufresne never fired a machine gun from the hip in his escape attempt.

What do you think? Is this action hero combo onto a winner, or does it look like a major flop? Give me your opinion below.


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