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Sophie Atkinson

Take the peculiar pairing of 90s indie-flick idol and Disney-girl-gone-wild , some highly irresponsible road safety and a lot of thudding music and you've got the trailer for Getaway, an upcoming action flick.

It looks...well, see for yourself: [[yt:eBcVxXwFowI]]

And if you hate watching trailers with the eye parts of your faces, a brief summary - when the protagonist's wife is kidnapped, he's forced to hijack a car and complete various crimes on behalf of an anonymous criminal boss who instructs him what to do next - if he refuses to comply in the night-long crime spree, his wife's dead meat. He's forced to abduct Selena Gomez's character to help him.

Stuff the trailer doesn't make too clear: Ethan Hawkes is a race car driver, which is why the criminal mastermind is so focused on Ethan doing the bank robbery instead of a band of reliable heavies (though, that still doesn't totally explain it for me. Wouldn't experienced criminals be more likely to succeed?). Also, Selena Gomez's character isn't the victim the trailer makes her out to be - she's a car hijacker whose luck ran out when she picked the very car the goons wanted to use.

Does this look like your sort of thing (fast cars, high tension) or would you rather just re-watch ' drive-tastic action vehicle () Speed? Sound off below.


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